Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 84 - Happy Birthday to Me

This week was pretty normal. It started raining again and I broke down and bought a poncho. I had been carrying it around a bunch without it raining and a few days ago it finally paid off. For my birthday we went to Dominos Pizza for dinner and they gave me a brownie free, but they didn't sing :( I had also bought myself a piece of cake from holandesa. It was soo yummy). Thank you again for all the birthday wishes. It was great to hearing from all of you.

Various times this week we had a bunch of appointments fall in a row. But each time, we got to contacting to fill the time and each time we found someone who is looking for answers. Keily is still good for her baptism even though she was feeling some doubts, but we helped her remember how she's felt and she felt better then. 

Sorry for the short letter, we have to go to the capital again for a multi-mission conference with Elder Renlund. Love you all!

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Sanarate, Zona Jalapa, Guatemala Sur

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