Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 79 - The Downpour Begins

Hey everyone! This week I think it is safe to say that the rainy season has begun. I mean, last night, we were teaching/taking refuge in a house when the power went out. I actually love the rain. All of the members think I'm crazy because when it starts raining I almost get giddy. I love going out in the rain. I don't even carry an umbrella. I just put my books in a plastic bag inside my bag so they don't get soaked like I do. hahaha. Last night, when we left the house of that family we were headed to another family's house and we knocked on what we thought was their door. Come to find out, that because of the rain and it being kinda dark where we were we mistook their house. (The houses also look very similar. We found a man who had just moved in that day. When we realized we knocked the wrong door we took advantage. I really felt that we were guided to him. He's catholic, like everyone else here, but he says that there is something to learn from every message. He seemed really willing to read and learn more. Hopefully the spirit touches his heart and testifies that the message is true and that he wants to learn more.

I think I had an experience this week that no other missionary can claim. I went through an entire lesson with a chicken on my head! We were sitting on the patio of a family we were teaching when out of nowhere this chicken jumps on my back and roosts on my head. The kids thought it was funny and it actually helped them pay attention so I let it fly (pun intended).

I have been looking for a place to fix my proselyting bag. I have another one that I've been using but I like the one I brought on the mission better. It wasn't fatally broken or anything. Just a side zipper but I had left it with a man to fix it for two weeks, come to find out he didn't have the piece to fix it. So I took matters into my own hands. I ripped out the zipper and a member donated me a zipper to put on and I sewed it on by had. Good as new ;P

This week we had changes. My companion, Elder Cornejo is leaving and I receive Elder Garza, the new District Leader. I saw him enter the mission while I was in Mita. He's a pretty cool guy. I'll send a pic of us next week.

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Sanarate, Zona Jalapa, Guatemala Sur

p.s. Looks like Frankie had problems loading pictures this week so we'll have to leave it to our imagination until next time.

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