Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 78 - A Trip To The Dentist

Hey everybody! This week started off with a trip to the dentist. I had broken my filling on my front tooth some time ago and finally got permission from Sister Caffaro to go get it fixed. He did a pretty good job actually. He's a retired dentist from Logan, Utah. Elder Hogh. He also fixed another filling I had that was bothering me. He said it was because my top molar looked "almost like fuego!"(a volcano here in Guatemala) So he rounded my tooth off (ouch) to make it "more like Hill Cumorah". To go to the dentist's office we had to go to a different mission seeing as how there are 3 different missions here in the capital.

Because it was our Pday the assistants said we could explore the capital a little bit. So we got a little bit lost trying to get back to the mission office. But we found a really cool topographical map of Guatemala.

We finally got to the office and started divisions with the financial secretaries and stayed the night at their house. We had a multizone conference the next day so we just stayed in the capital instead of going all the way back and having to return super early the next morning. When we left the conference we had to go with the sisters all in one taxi cuz they didn't know how to get back to our area since they came another way. So we all squished into one taxi. Us, Elder Hazeldine and Elder Perez in the back and Hermana Salgado and Hermana Rivera up front. hahaha It was a tight squeeze and all of our bags were in the trunk. The taxis here are like little clown cars. When we got to the bus terminal we went to get our bags to find out the trunk hadn't shut properly and was open the whole trip! Luckily nothing fell out hahaha.

This week we had divisions with the zone leaders as well as the assistants. I was in Sanarate with Elder Clarke. He's a zone leader and I watched him enter the mission in Nimajuyu! puchica! With him it was awesome. We were able to invite Mari (the investigator that we helped with the pila) to baptism. She didn't accept totally because she still has some doubts but she said she'd be willing to continue meeting with us until she receives an answer!

Then with Elder Alegria, the assistant, came and worked with both of us in Sanarate and showed us a family he taught when he was starting the mission here in Sanarate. He goes home next week. It was pretty cool to see their reaction to him. They stopped visiting with the missionaries a long time ago but things have changed in their lives so we are hoping they will receive the answer they need to get baptized as a family.

Well, gotta go. Have a good week.

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Sanarate, Zona Jalapa, Guatemala Sur

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