Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 76 - Pulling water

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty fun. I went to a neighboring are called Sansare on divisions. I was there with Elder Hazeldine from Kaysville, Utah. He's a pretty cool guy and he's a super humble missionary. He's out in a little town and they don't even have a chapel, the members and investigators arrive at his house Sunday in the afternoon and our bishop goes to preside the meetings on the patio. It's pretty cool. We went to go teach a family, and asked if they needed any help. The dad looked like he wanted to say something but was uncomfortable asking so Elder Hazeldine insisted. So what was it that they needed? They needed someone to go draw water from a nearby well where the water literally springs out of the rock! Here, most of the rivers are contaminated to the point of being visibly dirty, so to find clear, potable water is kindof hard. Most people buy jugs of water from a company called agua pura salvavidas. (pure water saves lives) but here in this little town money's a bit short. So we went with four 5 gallon jugs and drew water. It was a pretty cool experience.

On Friday, we were out contacting when we found a new investigator who seemed pretty pilas. I knocked the door and her son and father came out. Basically it was just the son talking cuz the grandpa was a little old and senile... He let us in and the mom came and gave us chairs to sit on. She was doing house chores and "couldn't listen to us". So we came in and sat down and started talking with her dad a little bit when she came and sat down. She felt bad since she was leaving us there alone and she listened rather intently. We finished the lesson and again offered to help her with her chores and she said we could help her empty a huge wash basin that was clogged so her friend could come and fix it. So we grabbed buckets and started emptying it. When it was getting low we had to reach in farther to get the water and one time I was reaching and my agenda fell out of my shirt pocket! AHHHHHH! I almost died and let out a yelp. I dove in to rescue my agenda cuz those are like gold and have priceless memories and almost fell in myself. So I put that out to dry and the very next time my mission manual and my plaque fell in. Double AHHHHHHHH!!! I was so sad that day. And the next time, my pen. I was just done at that point and just helped carry the water but not pull it out :P 

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Sanarate, Zona Jalapa, Guatemala Sur

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