Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 72

Hey guys, sorry I haven´t written my letter to all you in a while. This week was really awesome! Started off the week with back to back divisions. First with The Zone Leaders from Villa Lobos. I was with Elder Lainez in my area. We had an awesome day together. We were knocking doors when a less active member we´ve been visiting called us and said he needed a Priesthood blessing. I told him we were a bit far and didn´t have coins to take the Transmetro (public transportation) He was disappointed but there was nothing i could do. I then thought that we just ate lunch with the bishop´s dad and the bishop arrived to eat too. The bishop lives in the same colony just down the street from him. I called the bishop to see if he could give us a ride and he said he had to make some calls for work but that we could go in 30 minutes. We went and we got to his house and he came out to let us in and the door shut behind him. Here, all the doors are "locked" from the outside. They don't have doorknobs here. To open your door you have to use the key. Anyway, he was in a robe and didn´t have his keys, so we were locked out of the house. We had to open the window slit and with a broomstick and some cable we found outside to pull the little lever to unlock the door. Im sad i didn´t take a picture or videotape us doing it cuz it was super funny!

Looks like ill have to tell you about the rest next week.

Love you all. I'll be better at this.

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

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