Monday, February 13, 2017

New Change, New Animo - Week 68

Hey everyone,

This week was an awesome week here with Elder Langi. He just came from being Zone Leader so he understands and is helping me a lot. He´s also my first "gringo" companion. He brought a new motivation. Being in an area for a long time has its difficulties. You know how to work the area and know all the members but, when it comes to tracting, you´ve tracted everything. Sometimes more than once. It's hard to knock a door you´ve already knocked when you know the person and remember what they said last time. But the great thing is that sometimes you find someone new. Maybe someone else opens the door. Someone else who wants to hear the gospel. I´m trying to find new ways to work in the area. If you always do the same thing and expect different results, that's called insanity. So we gotta switch it up a bit.

Yesterday we went on divisions with the members to help them do their home teaching visits. We visited mostly less active members. The miracle? Both my companion and I found someone to teach in those visits. And after, we went back to doing our normal visits, when our citas (appointments) had fallen and I was thinking of who to visit, I saw a member out of the corner of my eye crossing the street. When he saw us he started towards us. When he got to us he asked if we were busy. I reluctantly said no. He said "Good, because I just found a soul for you to save." He found a new family that moved to the ward in his home teaching visit. The mom is a less active member and lives alone with her 9 y/o son, Irvin. He had heard something about baptism and asked if he could get baptized. We started to teach him and he´s pretty excited. The mom was planning on returning to church but now has a greater motivation. In order for us to be able to baptize her son, she has to go to church for 2 months straight. WITHOUT missing. But she said she would do the fight in the mornings so her son could get baptized.

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

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