Monday, January 23, 2017

Interviews and The Fruits (of our Labors) - Week 65

This week we had interviews with President. It was super awesome. Because I am a District Leader we spent more time talking about my district and leadership than me. I love President Caffaro. He is so in-tune with the Spirit and loves each of us. After I finished my interview, Sister Caffaro had already met with everyone. So, we all went in her room and did a mini Face-to-Face with her. We all asked questions and it helped us all learn. One elder, fairly new in the mission, asked about how to know if he´d found his eternal companion. Hahaha. It was pretty funny.

We were at a member´s house who had pretty much been some of the first converts to the church. We were looking at all the old Book of Mormons.... Books of Mormon?. Anyway, all the books and we found one of the old Spanish hymn books. Back when they were red, had lullabies and even a song for brushing your teeth.

This week members have been giving me some pretty strange foods... Well, fruits mainly. First, a sister gave me this fruit called "Cushín". The second one is called an "anona"(?). The cushín was pretty good. It was kinda fuzzy but really sweet. The anona had a strange taste. Can´t really describe it....

This week I was so happy because we worked hard all week and on Sunday we saw the fruits of our labors. 6 of our investigators came to church! Also one of our converts came!

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

Monday, January 16, 2017

Cold and Sunshine -Week 64

Frankie sent me this email and gave me a heart attack.

Got some news though...Yeah we  were playing soccer and someone booted it and it fractured my tibia... it's not too bad though so I'm still working.

Then he sent this:

jajajaja jk. I'm fine.We just found the boot here in the family history ccenter and took a picture.

Luv ya mom

I'm glad his sense of humor still intact.

This week it's been a bit of cold. I ended up having to buy a a sweater vest because I was cold but not my arms. I also bought gloves. but this week was pretty good.

A young woman in our ward told us she wanted to leave and proselyte with us so we made arrangements with her and another member to accompany us. Definitely a first. While we were knocking doors we rang the doorbell and told her she´d be doing the talking. She was kinda freaked out a bit. But then she started knocking doors by herself. I gave her a notebook so she could write down all the contacts. When we were passing by her house she told us that her friend lived in the house next door. So we asked what her name was and if we could visit her. She said "uhhh sure. When?" We said "Well, there´s no time like the present ;P". So we went and knocked on the door. Her name is Sunshine. Her family has a comedor (cafeteria) in their house and she does some of the cooking. We taught her the Restoration and she had a lot of questions. She said she had gone to mutual before and liked it. We invited her and her family to a Family Home Evening with Sofie, her friend, today so i hope that turns out well.


This week I had divisions with the new elder in my district, Elder Arratia. He´s fresh from the CCM and from Mexico. He´s a bit older too. 23. He´s super shy but super cool too. I felt bad because our day was on our feet.

All our appointments fell. But the lesson we had was super spiritual.

Chelsea was super busy this week and we weren´t able to teach her. I did see her one time and I gave her a Book of Mormon in English. Hopefully we see her again this week to keep teaching her. 

Life is interesting as a DL. I am responsible for not only my area but my entire district. If we do poorly it's my fault. But if we do well we all get the credit. It helps me want to be a better example and help the missionaries in my district feel the urgency. I also have no time for myself anymore. My nights I spend sending dats, talking to my district, and reporting to the Zone Leaders. Hard to write in my journal but I'm doing what I can.

Here's a picture of the companionships in my district and zone leaders.

Love you all. 

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 62 & 63

Hey guys, Sorry I didn´t write last week.... I was just sitting here writing when we realized there was no internet connection. So not only could I not send my email, but none of what I had written was saved. 

Things are going great with my new companion. He is pretty new but is learning fast This week we found an awesome investigator. The first ones name is Chelsea. She´s from Belize and has a 1 y/o daughter, Ivanna. The cool thing about her? English is her first language! In Belize they only speak English. She obviously knows a little spanish but she struggles. We had to ask for a packet of all the lessons and a Book of Mormon in English so we can teach her and she understand us. We found her because her friend, a returned missionary from another city, was coming to visit her but couldn´t find her house. She found us in the street and yelled "elders!" and asked us directions. She told us we could go by another day to visit her. But when we got to the address it was apartments with 5 doorbells and we didn´t know which one it was. We had to go back various times to find which doorbell it was, and obviously it was the last one. We're excited to teach her.

It was so fun to see Edgar and Carol again and meet Ale. At first I was nervous not to recognize them, but I did. They took us out to lunch and we got to chat a little.

Sorry, don't have much time to write today.

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur