Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 57


This week was full of divisions. First with the assistants then with an area in our district called Monte Maria. It was really cool. The areas here in the capital are bigger than out of the capital. Here I've had to walk longer distances than in any other area.

This week we had to wash my own clothes in the pila (a cement sink) for the first time. It was definitely an experience. The sister who washed our clothes broke her foot so we didn´t have anyone. My companion likes washing his own clothes so he´s was fine with it but it took me so long. It took me like an hour to wash them. Then, because we don't have anywhere to hang them we had to hang them in our house and put a fan on them. They still didn´t dry for 2 days.... But we talked with the relief society so starting next week we´ll have some one to help us with laundry again.

We had something called a fellowship night where members and investigators come to one house and had a huge Family home evening. It was a great success.

Well, until next time.

Elder Mattiaccio
Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

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