Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas - Week 59 and 60

Helllooooooo everybody!

Last week we've been doing a lot of divisions with the Zone Leaders, with our district and even with MEMBERS. We´re trying to better ourselves and our area. When we would do divisions with the members I would stay in the sector that I know with our investigators and Elder Mori would go to another sector we´re trying to open up. It´s been working a little. I have been maintaining our investigator that we have while he looks for new ones. It's been working a little bit but this week is when we're going to be seeing the fruits of it.

This week we had the ward Christmas Party. It was super cool. Apparently our ward has an acting department.... And they go around to different ward and stake Christmas parties and did this cool interpretation of the birth of Christ. I recorded some of it but I didn´t have enough space. A member recorded it but i haven´t been able to copy it. After, we served dinner. We were fasting as a zone that day and we couldn't eat but we chose to take the two plates to a family that couldn´t come to the party. 

We set up our Christmas decorations in our apartment. I put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree you guys sent me last year, and I found a midsized Christmas tree hidden in our house along with a bunch of lights. So now, if you look at our windows or door it looks like we´re having a disco ahahah.

This week we also had the Christmas multi zone conference. It was so cool to see a bunch of elders I haven´t seen forever. We even watched a movie like last year. I feel like the movie this year was a lot better. We watched The Work and the Glory. It was awesome. I have never seen that movie before. It is about the restoration from a 3rd person point of view. Supposedly it is a series so I wanna see it when I get back. We also did a game where we had to guess Christmas hymns from only a few chords. hahaha. Then, they gave us all presents. This year we got a plaque with our names and the picture we took when we entered the mission. Also, they gave a USB with a ton of Mormon Messages and other videos to share. We took it home and started sharing with everyone. 

We went to visit Carlos and Haydee this week. We haven´t been able to visit them because she always left to run errands. But this time we caught them and helped them BEGIN to set up this HUGE NATIVITY in her living room. Hopefully we´ll be able to finish it up this week.

Last P-Day we were at that store Mega-Paca looking for shirts and what I found astonished me. I found like 50 shirts that were straight from UTAH! It was soo cool. I wanted to buy all of them but I thought I better not ;P.
Well, thats pretty much all that went down this week.

Love ya'll and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS (ahhh my last Christmas in the mission!)

Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

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