Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo - Week 61


Christmas is so fun here in Guatemala. It´s not too good on the proselyting side because everyone is busy getting ready for the festivities but it was fun passing Christmas with the members.
We made a Christmas card for the ward. We calculated that 30 would be enough but when we got to church to hand them out, we found out that it wasn´t quite enough.... Luckily I still have the picture so I can print out more. hahaha.

Brother James sent me money again this year. This year I decided to buy 4 chicken dinners for families in the ward who couldn´t afford to have a good Christmas dinner. Haydee, our investigator, made the dinners. On Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) we went out with the bishop to deliver the dinners. In each of the visits we could see how much it meant to them. Some of the families were passing through especially tough times. We were able to cheer them up and bring a bit of the Christmas spirit into their homes.

We finished the member's nativity I told you about a few weeks ago.

I got a little package of my own. Gracias a mis tios, tias, primos y primas que pensaron en mi y me mandaron este regalo. Que lindo conocerlos por lo menos por fotos. Yo se que nos conocimos un poco cuando era pequeño y mi mamá habla mucho de ustedes, pero espero conocerlos (otra vez) pronto.

Last Monday we had a gift exchange. I gave Elder Olson some candy and pictures of us and our group in the CCM. Then I got A snapback hat from Elder Norwick. It was really fun. I made a few jerseys from my zones. I (re)made one from Milagro because the one we got wasn´t what we were expecting at all and I made one from here in Mariscal. We do that to have something from the zone and to be more united as a zone.

Every Saturday this month, we went to the Trebol and caroled. It was fun. I like singing so :D and I conducted everyone. I hope when I get back that I, at some point, get the calling of ward chorister.

OH! that brings me to something VERY important. Tomorrow are changes! Elder Mori is leaving and I got called as the new District Leader! I´m receiving another Peruvian companion, Elder Cussi. He´s just finishing his training. I'm super excited to have this leadership responsibility and to be able to help my district. 

I'm super excited for this year that comes. 2017! I can´t believe it! I´ve grown so much over this last year and 2 months in the mission. Can´t wait to see what I can do in my time left?? 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and to everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Elder Mattiaccio
Barrio Roosevelt, Zona Mariscal, Guatemala Sur

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