Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day of the Saints - Week 54

This week we had the Day of the Saints (their version of Halloween) that was celebrated on Nov 1. There is a traditional meal that everyone eats called "Fiambre". It's a salad of beets with about 14 different types of sausage and packed meats. Like really, I don´t even know what some of it was. There were like 4 types of cheese, boiled eggs, ham.... It sounds really gross but it was really good. I was on divisions in Nimajuyu with Elder Nelson. The member who gives them lunch had made them fiambre. Everywhere we went too they offered us fiambre. It was good. But once a day was quite enough. As you can see, it is a HUGE plate that they serve. When I got back, my companion said he hadn´t tried it. No one in our area offered it to him. Fiambre is notorious with missionaries because 80% don´t like it at all.

This week we went to church in suits since I had sent my sweaters to get fixed and we didn´t have long sleeve shirts because they were all being washed. We were trying on each other´s suits and he pulled out this beauty.

Really, really BLUE!

Ruben went out on visits with us a few times. He´s a really chill dude. 

We had fast Sunday as well this week. We fasted so we could find families and so that the members could continue working with Nunca Voy Solo. We know it's inspired by God and is the key to baptizing converts.

When I got home after church. This is how I ended my fast. Reminds me of mom. Yup. That's condensed milk. Really just grabbed whatever we had in the house.

We also had our first live house inspections. The new Senior Missionaries came and did it. He helped us put up our smoke detector since we hadn´t put it up since we got here (oops...)

Anywho, I made this picture of Jesus to remind me to always ask what he wants me to do and who he wants me to become.

Love you all. Missin´ you. But: Keep Calm, I´m on the Lord´s errand.

Elder Mattiaccio

Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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