Monday, November 14, 2016

A Baptism and Cambios - Week 55

This is my new area. Roosevelt Ward in the Mariscal Stake, Zona 11. Going more and more into the very heart of the city. I´ve heard that the ward is pretty awesome. They all help with the work and are super supportive. My new companion is going to be Elder Mori. He´s from Peru. He was the district leader here in Nimajuyu before I got here. That means that I'm gonna stay up late tonight packing and wake up early tomorrow to get on a taxi....

but in other news...

This week we had a real big highlight. We had a BAPTISM! I didn´t write about it last week cuz we weren´t sure he was going to be able to. Omar (tino) Guerra was baptized on Saturday. I had the opportunity to baptize him too. He kind of scared us on the day of his interview because he said he didn´t want to do it anymore. When we asked him why, the things he told us were just worries for when he was a member. So on the way to the interview in the chapel, he and I walked in front and I talked to him without his family there. He told me he was worried his family wouldn´t support him. But I was able to talk to him and calm him down. He went into the interview and came out excited. Elder Nelson did a good job to not freak him out in the interview. We tried to have it so that his dad would baptize him (since he had been ordained a priest) but Omar had picked me to baptize me way before and we couldn't change his mind. It all went well. He got baptized and then confirmed on Sunday

This week we had a challenge from president to have 22 lessons with members present and 5 Family Home Evenings with investigators in the houses of the members. We planned a ton on Monday to be able to meet that goal, but one by one our plans fell. Mostly because of the investigators not being home. We would call them days before to invite them but the day of there was no answer on the phone and not in their homes. We had planned a FHE with Adriana but she couldn´t leave her house because she was babysitting. But she´s still an awesome investigator. She eats up the lessons, reads the pamphlets, is further in the Book of Mormon than most members! Her only challenge is leaving her house to go to church. Her family always comes over and she has to host them. But we know she´s gonna get baptized. Just have wait for the Lord to work a miracle there. Keep her in your prayers.

Love you guys!

Until Next Week

Elder Mattiaccio

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