Monday, October 3, 2016

The Best Two Weeks and Conference - Week 49

These last two weeks have been super good. My new companion are working so well. In this last week we found 2 families that are really pilas. One was just a contact Elder Byrd had that said we could come back another day. Normally, when people say that they´re just getting rid of us but we are persistant and always come back ;P Anyway, We came back and they let us in. It was weird because it was in an area we hadn´t really worked in and almost all the houses have intercom doorbells. They came down and let us in and lead us up to the third floor. We came in and started the lesson. When we gave the baptismal invitation the brother, Giovanni, related us his story. He had had an awesome conversion story from atheism a couple years ago. He knew the spirit worked that in his life and is really excited to read The Book of Mormon and feel the same thing. They weren´t able to go to conference for some family issues that came up last minute but they were excited. Maybe we´re going to give them the link so they can watch it online.

Conference was really good. The themes seemed to be: Sharing the gospel, Repentance, and Love. My favorite talks were Pres. Russell M. Nelson on Joy, Elder Peter F. Meurs on The Sacrament, and Elder Dallin H. Oaks on Member Missionary Work. It´s always interesting to see the things the brethren are worried about in the church. I was sad to see Pres. Monson talk so little. I pray for him and his health. I worry that he´s not going to be the Prophet when I come back.

During conference we had a miracle. We were going to start eating when Elder Balam came in almost frantic that we needed to come with him to meet someone. I thought he was just joking and was going to steal our food but when we were walking in the hall he started telling me about an investigator that they found from our area that they just put a fecha with. I couldn´t believe it. I didn´t believe it... up until we entered the room. There she was with her boyfriend with a table in between them and the missionaries. She said she came and when they gave the tour of the chapel she wanted to be a part of this. Apparently, before they even started she asked if she could be baptized! What a miracle! It seems here that just when we need it, miracle investigators just come out of the woodwork.


This week is changes again. Elder Byrd is going back to El Cerinal with Elder Lascarez and I'm going to be receiving Elder Campos from Chile. He just finished his training. I´m kind of sad that Elder Byrd is going. We were getting along so well. But I know the Lord is putting me with the people that are going to help me grow the most.

Until next time,

Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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