Monday, October 17, 2016

Slow Week - Week 51

This week was a bit slow. We´ve been working hard to help our investigators progress and find new investigators. We have been going out to visit with Josue recently and he has been doing a bit better. He had been having problems with his family because he´s still living in his mom's house. We´re trying to motivate him to finish his schooling and look for a job so he can have a bit more independence. Also, him coming out with us seems to help.
Last week we had divisions and I was able to go with Elder Chiquillo. He's from El Salvador, he's really cool, a bit timid but cool. We went into this neighborhood where the lady that we pay to make our dinner lives and started knocking on doors. There's a dog named Wanda and she always sits under this car and barks at the missionaries. We went by every night to pick up our dinner and she had finally gotten used to us and had stopped barking at me and Elder Lazcares. I hadn't come back with my new companion, so when we went by her with Elder Chiquillo, she started barking at me and came at me, I had to jump up on a car. I guess she didn't like that I was bringing a new visitor. I was ok, but it sure startled me.

On Sunday we took a cake to church to thank the Ward Council for all the work they have done in motivating their members. They were all really grateful. They´ve been showing more work and the youth are even asking to go out with us. We hope to see the results in this week.

Earlier this week, my companion and I found the Garden of Eden! Hoping that means we're on the right track and will find lots of new investigators.

Sorry, that's all I have time for. I'll repent and do write a better letter next week.

Love you all! Thank you for your letters!

Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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