Monday, October 31, 2016

Hump Day! - Week 53

Hello everybody!

Thanks so much for the video! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Uhuh uhuh uhuh! :)
Thanks! It was great to see all of you and seeing the little ones I hadn't met. Congratulations Scott and Dezi...another boy! That's awesome

We had a great celebration with the Guerra family. I was celebrating my half way mark, my companion his 20th birthday and one of my converts had her birthday too. They bought us all a cake to share so that was really yummy.

The youth has been accompanying us a lot this week. We´ve still had a hard time getting people to let us in or finding our investigators but we were able to do a lot more this week with their help. We planned at least one young man to leave with us every day and when possible two. Even though they are young and maybe not the best preachers, their testimonies and conversion stories are really strong. We were able to place 4 baptismal dates with new investigators because of the testimonies these young men shared. I began following their example and explaining the story of why I am here and how my family became a member of the church. Sure some people say "No" but that only means they aren't ready in this very moment. If they´re still interested in hearing our message we help them understand it and understand the importance of being baptized by the proper authority.

This week has been really windy and cold in the mornings and evenings which means that SWEATER WEATHER has FINALLY ARRIVED! Every morning we leave with our sweaters until about midday when the sun is out and in full force. Then we take them off and hang them on our bags until the sun starts going down. Then we put them back on. 

This week we were able to find one of our investigators who was really ready but, because of reasons out of our hands, we lost contact with her. Her name was Adriana and we actually have an appointment with her today.

Love you all and thanks for your support!

Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

Click HERE to view Frankie's Halfway video

Here's a picture of a beautiful view of Guatemala

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