Monday, October 10, 2016

Changes and Moves - Week 50

This week were the changes and I received Elder Campos. He´s from Concepción, Chile (a bit more north than where Elder Belmar was from) He´s a bit green in the mission, he only has 3 months in the field which means I´m his senior companion. In our mission Senior Companion and Junior Companion don´t work exactly the same as other missions. Senior Companion means that you have the authority and the knowledge to be able to lead the area and lead in lessons. You become a Senior Companion pretty much at the 6 month mark. If, for whatever reason, you aren´t ready, President will keep you as a junior companion but that doesn´t normally happen. Anyway, he´s pretty fun. Even though he´s a greenie he is awesome in the lessons. He´s willing to learn and also helps me be better too. Junior Companions have a say too but the Senior Companion normally makes the decision

Before Elder Campos arrived in Venezuela I had to move houses. Elder Byrd left super early in the morning (like 5 am) so he couldn´t help too much. I was with my District Leader, Elder Nelson, and he helped me finish packing up the house and then Elder Alegría (Zone Leader) and Elder Lainez (Other District Leader) came and helped. I went with the member who helped us with the truck to unload at the new house and they stayed pulling out all the stuff to the street to be ready to load. When we finished they all left and then arrived my companion. Apparently they were looking for us at the old house and we didn´t have cell phone signal in the new house. So they called the Zone Leaders, and they took them to the new house.

On top of moving my house, one of our investigators got kicked out of the room he was renting. No warning or anything. Just "I want you out at the end of the day". So we helped him move all his stuff and store it in a school until they can find somewhere to live. We´ve been looking but their price range is limited and this area is really hard to find good, cheap housing. Him and his neighbors were being kicked out but they had found a place. 

I hope everythings going good up there. The rainy season is coming to an end. Now comes the wind and the cold.


Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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