Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fasting for Their Investigators - Week 45

This week was a pretty normal week. I finally sent my shoes to get the soles replaced. Because the sole was basically foam it got worn out really quickly. But now I put on a sole that is basically for boots. I hope these last a while. Sorry for the random boring news...

This week we met the Ramirez Family, a family who the ward said was in-active and told us to visit. But when we knocked the door, they were having seminary in their house.... We wondered to ourselves "How can they be inactive and have SEMINARY taught in their house???" Turns out the parents hadn´t been going to church for health reasons but were normally really active. They got baptized 4 years ago and got sealed right at the year mark. They are super strong and have awesome testimonies. We did a dynamic with them about thinking outside the box when we have a problem and prayer. Click here to see the video. It was really fun.

This week, being fast Sunday, we fasted as a mission for all of our personal challenges. We felt prompted that we should include the Guerras in the fast so they could fast for their baptismal date. 
This week the Guerras converted into fechas de compromise (for sure gonna get baptized). We just have to convince the son and his girlfriend to get married and they will be too. To help them, we included them in our fast, seeing as it was fast Sunday we took advantage and taught them about fasting and asked them to join in and to pray for their baptismal date. They gladly accepted. We also prayed for their family. The dad wants his entire family to come with us but it becomes a little hard since 2 of his kids live in La Justo. To make things easier on them, we are going to pass them over to the elders there, that way they can attend church there and have more regular visits from them down there. 

This week we weren´t able to place a baptismal date with any families but we have found a few who will make promising investigators. We hope to place dates with them too.

I just finished one of my 40 day fasts to not drink any soda. I plan to continue not drinking it so I can lose weight and save money but now if members offer I'm not going to be as strict. But now they all know now so they don't offer as much. I'm almost done with my other fast to not make myself baggy looking at pictures from home. I feel it has helped me to be more focused on the mission an the people here than the people I left. I still think and pray for you, just no sitting and reminiscing.

Love You All,

Elder Mattiaccio


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