Monday, September 12, 2016

A Wedding and A Baptism - Week 46

Hello everyone,

This week we´ve been working really hard to prepare the Guerra Family for baptism. Because the oldest son, Ricardo, and his girlfriend, Kenia, are living together, we had to plan a wedding too. When we told the ward, they just ate it up. The elders are going to provide the music, the Relief Society food and the dress, Young Women are gonna decorate. The Young Men didn't commit to anything. Maybe they'll help decorate. And we got a lawyer so they can get married for free. So we´re gonna have a wedding then a baptism this Saturday!!!!
My first family that I'm going to baptize!! If we baptize families, we can accompany them when they go to get sealed! Because you have to wait a year after being baptized to be able to be sealed in the temple, the first year of the mission is crucial for finding families. I have a couple months to find more families but the time is running short.

The torrential downpours are beginning again... I found that the protective cover I have for my bag doesn´t help against floods. One day, we almost literally had to swim back to the house. I would've taken videos or pics but I didn´t want to ruin my camera let alone open my bag. But really though. When it rains here, the streets turn into a raging river. There were tons of flooding and the traffic was horrible. Some of our appointments fell because of the rain. It was critical. We live on the second floor so we were safe but there was a lot of damage throughout the city. A wall of an apartment complex fell. I don't think anyone was hurt but we were passing by when the city was cleaning it up. 

September 15th is the Independence day for all Central America. But here it's more than just that day. It's basically the entire month. There are parades, people run from the city carrying torches to their individual communities. the traditions here are pretty cool and colorful!

Well, that's all. This week will be focusing on preparations for the baptism and wedding.

Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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