Monday, August 29, 2016

The Gardener - Week 44


This week has been great. I forgot to mention that both me and my companion got to stay here. We have been working with the Guerra family . They are super pilas. They are the only investigators we meet with 3 TIMES A WEEK! They always read the assigned scriptures and the pamphlets, have questions about church, have gone to church the last 2 weeks, ask about activities they can go to... They are truly golden investigators. They have basically integrated themselves into the ward already. Now to find the next ones. We have a few other investigators, but we've been realizing they are all in one sector of our area. In the other we can't go very often and only until 6:30. We are hoping to start working a lot with the members so they can take us to people who want to hear us. Contacting is always hit and miss. Maybe 1/10 let us in and 1/10 of those continue investigating and so on and so on with going to church and keeping other commitments. But when they are references they are always a little better. They have an Amulek (a member friend) and have more desire.

We visited a family this week and they all weren´t there. So the grandma took us outside and introduced us to her garden. Literally. All the flowers have names. She speaks to them and tells them to grow. It was the most spiritual experience ever! She loved each of the flowers. It reminded me of the story of a Canadian military officer that was in the Liahona (Ensign). He was a gardener and cut down a bush and saw a tear roll down the cut branches. As if the bush was saying "why would you cut me down? I was so big and beautiful. How could you do this to me!?" But the bush wasn´t bearing fruit or flowers, and the gardener replied "I´m the gardener. I know what I want you to be." That's like us and our Heavenly Father. Sometimes we have trials and we wonder "why me". We need to remember He knows who we can become and we may just need a little pruning to help us get there.

Then we had the most balanced dinner of my entire mission.... Up until the rest arrived and brought us brownies.....

Our recent convert broke his foot a few days ago. He hadn´t been coming to church very often because he would always go to play soccer. He went once and sprained his ankle. Now he broke his foot. So we basically told him it was a sign he needs to go to church. He lives next door so we talk with them basically on a daily basis. So were on good terms and he understood we were joking but serious. And this week he came to church and participated a ton. He´s super pilas, he just needed a divine push. (pun intended)

Love you all! TTYL

Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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