Monday, August 8, 2016

Meet The Mormons - Week 41

This week has been pretty cool. We had an mission activity in the chapel. We watched Meet the Mormons. The members here hadn´t seen it and it was a great opportunity to introduce new investigators to the chapel without having to go to "church". We had it all planned out and everything.... Then, the day of, we sent our ward mission leader to get the projector from the stake center and it wasn´t there. Another ward had taken it without asking. So we decided to use the TV the ward has. But... that is locked inside of the secretaries office. And who has the keys to the secretary´s office? Not the secretary, only the bishop. So we called the bishop and he was out of town and Sammy, his son, wasn´t home either. But since I'm his nephew-in-law he trusts me and told me to call his other son, Renato, who has keys to let us in. Renato was kind enough to bring them to the church so we could organize everything else. We finally found the projector but then the computer we used didn´t read disks, nor did the internet work. So we ended up having to have a sister who lived nearby run and grab her DVD player and bring it to the church. And because the projector doesn´t have AV inputs we ended up using the TV anyway. I know that all sounds really negative but really the activity turned out really good. The members brought a few people and they all enjoyed it. We even had homemade popcorn (not in the microwave). Just so you all know how much stress and planning goes into organizing an activity but we didn't give up ;D

Also, another night during the week we went over to the bishop´s house to check up on their list and Nunca Voy Solo. When Sammy opened the door he seemed agitated. Turns out his mom was missing. She left at 2:00pm and hadn´t arrived (it was around 7:30pm). She had forgotten her phone and the bishop wasn´t answering his phone. We sat down in the front room as Sammy frantically called everywhere she could possibly be. We said a prayer with him so he could be calm and that they could arrive home safely. Then, when the bishop arrived it stirred the pot even more since he had dropped her off without her phone. I tried to calm them down because it was raining really hard and the traffic was super bad. It got to the point where Sammy was going to go out and look for her. I told him he shouldn´t go out so agitated and suggested a blessing. We gave him a blessing of peace and to know where to find his mom. As I was finishing, the doorbell rang. They went and answered and, lo and behold, she was at the door. She had been stuck on the bus for 3 hours in the traffic and didn´t have her phone. After they were reunited we left them to their hugs (there was no way we were going to stay and ask for references after what happened). I felt so good after that (because I was worried too). We didn´t even have planned to go there. WE were just passing by and felt that we should knock.

Josué and Ruben both came to church and are practically dry members (just need to get wet in the font). They participate in class and even during priesthood. All that's left is their baptismal interviews and the water (and spirit). Pray that they keep going strong and get baptized on the 20th.

Lots of love and "may the [Spirit] be with you"

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