Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lots of Good Stuff - Week 42

Last week after writing, we used the water balloons you guys sent for my birthday. It was raining too so we all got soaked. We had soo much fun though! Thanks.

Immediately after, we had a Family Home Evening with a family and the boyfriend of the daughter, who is not a member. We taught about the 4 pilars of the True Church. Prophets, Apostles, Authority, and Revelation. It was really good. He has gone to church for almost 4 months now. We´re hoping to baptize him in our ward even though he lives in another wards boundaries. The reason being that he has come here with his girlfriend for those 4 months and has been fellowshipped here. The other challenge is that his mom (also not a member) wants him to get to know the church more before he gets baptized. We´re hoping to have a meeting with her to discuss that and hopefully resolve her issues.

This week we´ve been prepping Josué and Ruben for their baptisms. We´ve taught them everything and they are good to go. Just need to get in the water! Their baptism is this saturday. Please pray that everything goes smoothly in their interviews and baptism!

This week we went to the temple too. It is always so cool to be able to attend a session. I asked for a lot of help with our investigators.

When we got back we had an appointment with a contact. He´s super pilas. He´s an older man with older children who still live with him. He came to the stake conference yesterday and heard our mission president and a Seventy speak. It was really good and he´s super excited. We have an appointment with him tomorrow and he said he wants to have all his family in the next visit. They accepted a baptismal date for the 17th of September

Lots of good stuff (to say the least)

Love you


Elder Mattiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur

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