Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping the Ball Rolling - Week 43

We worked hard this last week to make sure Ruben and Josué could get baptized and not neglect our other investigators. We had lessons with Josue every night because he was a bit on the fence and was worried for his interview. So every night we reviewed the lessons and calmed his nerves. We really saw the fruits of our labors. Ruben and Josué were both baptized without a hitch! We couldn´t pass by their houses and we were worried that they wouldn´t be there when we got to the chapel but they were. A slap in our face for doubting but good none the less.

We invited president and he actually came. It was kind of embarrassing because he arrived on time and the members still weren't there. Most of them didn´t arrive until halfway through the baptism. Josué asked me to baptize him and Ruben asked that I be there just in case the bishop couldn´t lift him. It was super easy though. We filled the font in the morning so that the water would hopefully warm up a little bit but it was ice cold when we got in. I felt bad but I was in the water for the most time.

Before the baptism, when we went to fill the font, I was cleaning it because it hadn´t been used in a long time. When I bent down to clean a mark *RRRRRIP*. I broke my pants. That's the first time that has happened. I had to go home and change pants and send them to a seamstress. I also sent my shirts to get trimmed down.

We also brought our investigator family the Guerra Family. They were super excited to come and see. They also came Sunday to church. They are super pilas. They are for sure our next baptisms. Josué and Ruben were confirmed on Sunday too. We´re going to try to keep the ball rolling so that the members get more active in the work. 

This Sunday, two teens brought their non member girlfriends who we are going to start teaching, Martha and Maria de los Angeles. Keep them in your prayers.

The Guerra Family all came to church and were really excited. They are our next baptisms besides Ian. 

This week is Changes. And Elder Mattiaccio is.......

STAYING IN VENEZUELA! Exciting to stay in the area and spread the word a little bit longer. 

Until Next Time,

Elder Matiaccio
Venezuela, Zona Nimajuyu, Guatemala Sur


Frankie must of had issues uploading pictures. Hopefully next week we'll be able to see the baptism pictures.

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