Monday, July 18, 2016

Zona Nimajuyu - Week 38

Hola people

This week was a bit rough. We had to start everything from scratch. A new companion, new area, new ward, new zone, everything. My new companion's name is Elder Láscarez from Costa Rica. He's a Tico. The area is a bit different from La Económica.

The first day I was here we met with the Bishop of the ward, Bishop Perez. As we were talking his wife started talking to me and asked my how my Spanish was so good. I told her it was because my family is from Guatemala and I learned a little bit from my mami, abuelita and tia (Regina). She asked me what my family's name was and I said, Amado and Arriola from la Zona 5. She said "so you know Scarlet" and I said, "yes, that's my aunt". Long story short, it ended up being that they were the aunt and uncle of Josué, Laura, Lindsey and Andy. They are such good people.

When we got to the house here we found that the Area Book was empty of anything useful. The elders before us didn´t keep very good records so all the investigators they had are pretty much lost. We´ve tried looking for the few that have addresses and have had a little bit of luck. This first week we left a lot with Carlos Eduardo, a recent convert who lives right next door to us. We literally have a door that goes into his apartment. Sometimes when we´re in the house and its after nine, we ask them to go to the store for us and buy us things. And we always are talking with him and his dad, (also named Carlos so we call him Carlos papa, and the other Carlos son). They are actually both converts and he is 18 and married (wow) and has a baby. He leaves with us all the time to help us learn the area and contact. He´s actually super pilas for only having 3 months as a member of the Church. 

We´ve been doing a lot of contact in lieu (wow thats a fancy word) of the lack of investigators. Yesterday while we were contacting I knocked a door and a teen came out. I started my introduction and someone in the back said "come in elders". I was surprised. Had I found a golden family?? No. Just members. :P But these members didn't attend church this week because they were out of town and had just arrived a half an hour earlier. 

We are hopeful to find new and old prospects. Keep us in our prayers.

Elder Mattiaccio
Here are some pictures of his families in La Económica.

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