Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Be A Follower of Righteousness - Week 36

This week has been a bit slow.... Luckily it hasn´t been raining as much but I've learned my lesson and bought a rain poncho and carry it with me at all times. One time I thought it was going to stop raining soon so I didn't put it on and just use my umbrella. I was dead wrong. It started pouring harder and harder! by which time it was too late to put on the poncho.

We did however find an investigator who is super pilas. Her name is Diana Ramirez, we met her while with a member. She was super receptive. We went back and she had read the pamphlet of the Restoration and highlighted parts and answered all the questions in the back. We gave her a Book of Mormon and hope she reads as quickly as she did the pamphlet. She always has good questions during our lessons and understands the answers we give. The only thing is that she hasn´t accepting the challenge to be baptized. Her parents also have received the lessons before when they were younger and have gone to church a long time ago. The mom even has a Book of Mormon that was dedicated to her from the missionaries that were teacher her brother (who got baptized). We and praying that she and her mom will receive a testimony of the Book of Mormon and accept the challenge to be baptized.

Something interesting occurred during our companionship study Saturday... We received a knock on the door. I was too lazy so my companion answered it by opening the window. Guess who it was? The Testigos de Jehová (Jehovah's Witnesses). My comp just looked at me sideways. They talked to him and because they couldn´t see his plaque they didn´t know who we were. They gave us a pamphlet about who really controls the earth. It was so funny. I've always heard "Testigo" stories from missionaries but it has never happened to me. jajajajaja 

Our mission president sends us hash tags. Here are the ones from this week. Try to see if you can apply them in your life and use them in your social media posts.
#beafollowerofrighteouness #lovemorejudgeless

Love you all,

Elder Mattiaccio

I want to be sure to wish Banka a Happy Birthday. Thanks for being such a good grandma. I love all the stuff you send me- Love, Your Little Man

Also a Happy Birthday to Mario. Hope you're doing good. Not too long before we'll be reading your mission posts.

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