Monday, July 25, 2016

Area Attack and Attack of the Hole - Week 39

This week we planned another area attack so that we can help out our investigator pool. While we were organizing it near a bus stop I fell into a hole. YES! A HOLE IN THE BUS STOP. (shoot I forgot to take a picture) I was just standing there and I saw the hole but I wasn´t paying attention and shifted my weight and moved my foot and then felt like my life was ending. It wasn´t just a little dip. It was a like a manhole. I was fine, my other foot and leg stopped me from falling to my demise but it hurt my knee a little bit. ;P But everything was fine. But the rest of the attack went well. We organized all the other missionaries and did divisions so we could meet more of the investigators that way. The ward here is pretty well functioning. Only a few strange traditions that have nothing to do with church policy. But I have an in with the bishop so I hope I can give some suggestions and it can  start changing.

This week we placed a baptismal date with Josue Calito, one of the old investigators that we found. The only problem is that it fell right when we placed it. Here we have a rule that investigators have to attend church 3 times before they can be baptized. He hadn´t attended church before, contrary to what the members had said about him. So we had to place another date and another lesson so he can attend church. 

The rest of the week was pretty empty. We did some service and painted a member's room. well.... one wall... And it took 2 hours to do that one wall. I felt like bob ross painting with a brush instead of a roller. (see video sorry it's sideways) 

I do a few little things to make me happy. Mostly they have to do with chocolate. I buy mini m&ms and make chocolate pancakes with the cake mix you sent me for my birthday. I also buy bags of chocolate milk (milk comes in bags here. it's weird)

Me and my companion also enjoy some Elotes Locos

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