Monday, June 6, 2016

New Area - Week 32

Hello everybody (in the voice of Dr. Nick from the Simpsons)

LOVE my new area! It is so awesome! The members here are great!! They were all so excited to receive missionaries again. (This area has been closed since last February). We would walk down the street and people would cross the street when they saw us and ask us if we were here to stay. It felt so good to be welcomed by so many people. The ward here is pretty big but not many go. There are some gang territories and if you live in one area you can't go to the other. The church is pretty much in the middle so some people are afraid to go to church. They never bother us and because of where we live we are semi exempt. There are two areas in our area. There is a gated residential area and the people there are fairly well off... then the other area where the people live paycheck to paycheck and work anytime they get an offer. We mostly work in the lower part since the guards don't like us knocking doors in the residential. 

Friday we were knocking doors when we were passing by a lot with a half built house. My companion contacted the next house and while he was talking, I looked back and saw a path that led to a house behind the construction site. After he finished I told him to come with me. We knocked the door and a woman came out. Her name is Xiomara. Her husband wasn't home so we asked her to pull out some stools. She said she and her children were catholic and they like it there but they listened. We asked when we could come back when her husband would be there. She said sunday but she didn't think he would accept the visit. We came back sunday and she wasn't there, but her husband was. He accepted us and to our surprise was super receptive. She walked in as we were finishing and was surprised to see us and her husband talking about the gospel. She came out after we had finished and thanked us. She said she definitely didn't think we would be accepted because earlier in the day some other brethren came and he told them to leave. So she was super happy. Also, she asked one of her children to say the closing prayer and he prayed that we would keep coming. (I LOVE CHILDREN! They are so honest and only speak the truth. I almost cried during his prayer.)

Keep praying for us and our area. We are starting to see the miracles. The work of the Lord CANNOT be stopped. 

Con mucho amor y cariño,

Elder Mattiaccio


I asked Frankie if people had a hard time saying his name and this is what he said:

The people don't really have a problem saying my name. Some say "bantioch" (Thank you in Q'eqchi' - Mayan language) and I respond because it sound like my name.

 Las personas, realmente, no tienen ningún problema en decir mi nombre. Algunos dicen "bantioch" (gracias en Q´eqchi´) y yo respondo a esto porque es cerca.

Here's some pictures of his new apartment

Picture of the cake he made for his birthday.

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