Monday, June 20, 2016

Multi-Zone Conference - Week 34

Hello everyone,

This week was awesome. On thursday we had our multi zone conference in Utatlan. I had in my charge a special musical number. I asked some of the missionaries in the zone to sing with me. We sang a compilation of Al Mundo Ve a Predicar and Oíd Naciones. They told me I needed to organize it the thursday before. But because of the zone conference we wouldn't have a district meeting where we would all be together to practice it. So I told them via text what we would be doing but when we arrived nobody practiced. I had to find a room with a piano so we could practice it really quickly. It was thrown together last minute but when we went up to sing in front of the other zones it all went smoothly. We received many comments about it and how it brought the spirit into the meeting.

 I also went on divisions with the district leader Elder Slade, well... actually with Elder Noack, his companion. I went to their area. It's kinda weird. They live outside of their area and outside of the ZONE. I don't know how they got permission for that, but yup. It started to rain toward the end and I didn't have my coat. Only my umbrella and it was raining super hard. We went to a lesson and the lady there felt bad and gave us coats. They weren't super waterproof but it helped a little bit. We ended up arriving home late because one of the roads was completely flooded so we had to find a way around. 

Love you all. Sorry for the short letter.

Elder Mattiaccio

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