Monday, June 27, 2016

Keep Sharing The Gospel - Week 35

This week was really cool. You know that program we have, Nunca Voy Solo? (I'm Never Alone) We´ve been applying it here with the members. Since this area has been closed for over a year, and we had no area book to begin with, we´re basically starting from scratch. But this week we´ve started seeing fruits from the lists of the members. They are starting to refer us to the old investigators and showing us where they live. I don´t think we´ll be baptizing this change but we´re preparing a ton for July. 

I had a really cool experience. We went to find where Aylin (a recent convert) lived. well... she´s technically not a recent convert because she got baptized at 8 but only her great grandma is a member. Anyway, we had a lesson with her and her great grandparents and she left suddenly during the lesson (she´s a bit energetic) and came back and whispered something in my companions ear. When we ended she told me we needed to go somewhere. She took us up the street to her friends house. It was so cute! She was being a missionary. She introduced us to her friends and we asked if their parents were home. We had a lesson with them that was really good but their grandpa is super religious and at the end started asking super hard questions. She started getting scared because she had never tried sharing the gospel before and the guy was being a bit rude. We told her it was OK: It's ok to be scared or nervous. Not everyone is ready to receive the gospel. We told her to not get discouraged and keep on sharing with her friends and their families. Hopefully she wont and will continue sharing the gospel. She makes a great missionary.

Now to answer your questions:

1.  Where is La Económica?

Somos parte de la zona milagro todavía. Técnicamente la aldea se llama Carranza o Lo de Carranza. Esta al otro lado del barranco de milagro hacia el norte.

English: We are still part of the zone Milagro. Technically the neighborhood is called Carranza. It's on the other side of the ravine towards the north.

2. Have you seen any zompopos de mayo? (When we were little we used to catch these and see who could collect the most. Some people fry them and eat them with salt and lemon.)

No, no los he visto. Supuestamente mi líder de distrito encontró algunos y los miembros les hicieron comer los sin freírlos... bleh

English: No, I haven't seen them. Supposedly my district leader found some and the members made him eat them without frying them first.

Until Next Time,

Elder Mattiaccio

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