Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day - Week 28

Hello everyone,

I hope all the mothers had a happy mother's day. This weekend was a bit stressful. We were told we could call home on Sunday since that is mother's day for most of the world even though here it is technically May 10th. SO we all wrote home and programmed a time to call. Then on Saturday, our zone leaders sent out a text saying "everybody, remember that today is the last day to get cameras and headsets to call home" Me and Elder Espinal were freaked out. like, WHAT!?!?! We thought that they already had cameras and stuff for all of us. And especially me since the last time I called I was outside of the capital and we could call home and write from internet cafés. Here, inside of the capital, is a bit different. We always have to write together as a district/zone and we always do it in the family history center of the Stake Center. So during our lunch we went looking for webcams and headphones. The members here don't have any so we went to the market to see if we could find some. We looked through all the little mini stores and they didn't have anything close. 

We asked at one of the more official looking stores and they said in the center of health there is an internet cafe at the top that sells stuff like that. So we went and they only had one camera and no headphones! While they were looking to see if they had more, a guy from a community group called Acova asked us about the church and it's charity programs. He wanted to create a partnership with the church. We don't really know too much about that stuff about creating an official affiliation or who to talk to. We refered him to and found the site for ldscharities and they had an email so i hope somthing comes out of that. :) 

Anyway. they found another one so we each bought one but still no headphones. We went to church Sunday and people asked if we were going to call home and we said yes but we didn't have headphones. One sister said she had some at her house and we could drop by before going to call. We got there and tested them and they worked. But when we got to the church they wouldn´t work.Suuuuuper stressful. We all ended up waiting until the headphones that one elder brought were available so we could call home. Others jury rigged headphones and some microphones so they could talk. In the end we all got to call home. :)

Sorry no investigator stories. Nothing too big happened this week. Keep all the investigators in your prayers and pray that we find the chosen ones this week. There is real power in prayer. 

Until Next Time,

Elder Mattiaccio


Gabby here. We were so glad they were able to figure out the headset situation and talk to Frankie. He seemed in good spirits, but did mention that people in his new area aren't as receptive. He has lost a lot of weight and his clothes and shoes are too big now. He really likes his companion, Elder Espinal. He loves how funny he is and how he can speak English to him. 

President Caffaro, his mission president, sent us these pictures last week.

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