Monday, May 16, 2016

Mission Attack - Week 29

This week the investigators picked up a bit. It was really cool. Our zone came and did an attack on our area. What that entails is that all the elders in our zone came to our area and contacted and had lessons in the morning before lunch. There were a total of 10 missionaries working in our area at the same time! It was awesome. They did that because we've been a bit low in our pool of potential investigators. After that day (Wednesday) we had such enthusiasm. Saturday we had the best day of this change. And what was the difference? Going out with the Ward Mission Leader. He was able to take us to old investigators and restart the dialogue. Also he took us by some of the less active members. Here in Guatemala, retention is really hard. The people here are used to changing churches and moving like every other month. We have to focus a lot that this isn't just another church. This is THE church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our converts here are doing great. We have 75% retention. But there are a lot of "less actives" (we don't believe in the word "inactive"). So on top of bringing and teaching investigators we teach a lot of less active members to and invite them to come back to church.

This week we gave talks in church. We arranged with the bishop that we wouldn't be talking about missionary work anymore. We understand that gets boring for the members to always hear chicote (be chastised) from the missionaries. So we talked about the 3 missions of the church. Perfecting the Saints, Genealogy/Temple Work, and Missionary Work. We talked about the first two and the second counselor talked about missionary work, he being an awesome returned missionary. I focused on Ephesians 4:12-16, Doct. & Cov. 43:8-9, Doct. & Cov. 88:77-78;80;81. It is our duty to teach each other, including those who aren't members, the gospel.

Love you all! 200!!

Elder Mattiaccio

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