Monday, May 30, 2016

Bowling for Baptisms - Week 31

Hello everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes! I sometimes wonder if, after so long, you guys still remember me... It was nice to see my inbox full of birthday wishes! I got the package with all the balloon messages too. Thanks!

Like I said last week we had a lot of stories. We went as a zone to a mall called Tikal Futura to go bowling for having as many baptisms as missionaries.(we actually had more) It was really fun. Two of the elders had never bowled before and they both won in their lanes. Beginner's luck! After that we went to eat in the food court and to go covet. (That's what i call window shopping) Then came back to write. We found that 2 of the computers didn't work so i had only a little bit to write. So sorry for that. We had one day where we found 3 families.

Then there was the rain. It hadn´t really rained here before. But on Thursday it POURED! Everyday I look out after lunch to see if it is going to rain but it sunny and no clouds. Then, around 5 or 6 it always gives us not a quick shower... But a downpour. It only lasts like 20 minutes but still enough to get you drenched. Sometimes it feels nice, but then other times it kinda sucks to arrive at home all wet. And the nights that it rains it gets a bit humid. but all is well. I saw my mom already uploaded the video but that doesn't really do it justice. We were down the stairs and we watched it start to rain. Then all of the sudden it was pouring and there was a river running down the stairs. We had to run up the stairs before they became impassible. We were hiding under an overhang trying to figure out where we could go where we knew we would be accepted, when the recent convert we were there to visit came running up the hill too. He said "hola hermanos! iban a entrar?" (hey brothers, were you going to come in?) We gladly accepted and had a good lesson with him and his mother.

This week we had a few cool happenings. While I was on divisions in my district leader´s area we found someone from our area. We set an appointment to visit them with my comp. We had a good lesson with them. It was a big family and they were all the way down at the bottom of the Ch. They are super spiritual. After the closing prayer and as we were leaving, the daughter said she saw a vision while we were praying. She said she saw Jesus/an angel standing behind us with his hands on our bowed heads. I thought that was super cool! We have angels ministering to us and supporting us in the work. 

I have changes this week. And so does my companion. We are both being moved to an area that has been closed for the last bit. It's called Económica. I'm actually staying in the same zone. I'm moving across the ravine. We are ready to take on the challenge but please keep up the prayers for the members, us, and our investigators-to-be.

I love you all

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