Monday, May 30, 2016

Bowling for Baptisms - Week 31

Hello everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes! I sometimes wonder if, after so long, you guys still remember me... It was nice to see my inbox full of birthday wishes! I got the package with all the balloon messages too. Thanks!

Like I said last week we had a lot of stories. We went as a zone to a mall called Tikal Futura to go bowling for having as many baptisms as missionaries.(we actually had more) It was really fun. Two of the elders had never bowled before and they both won in their lanes. Beginner's luck! After that we went to eat in the food court and to go covet. (That's what i call window shopping) Then came back to write. We found that 2 of the computers didn't work so i had only a little bit to write. So sorry for that. We had one day where we found 3 families.

Then there was the rain. It hadn´t really rained here before. But on Thursday it POURED! Everyday I look out after lunch to see if it is going to rain but it sunny and no clouds. Then, around 5 or 6 it always gives us not a quick shower... But a downpour. It only lasts like 20 minutes but still enough to get you drenched. Sometimes it feels nice, but then other times it kinda sucks to arrive at home all wet. And the nights that it rains it gets a bit humid. but all is well. I saw my mom already uploaded the video but that doesn't really do it justice. We were down the stairs and we watched it start to rain. Then all of the sudden it was pouring and there was a river running down the stairs. We had to run up the stairs before they became impassible. We were hiding under an overhang trying to figure out where we could go where we knew we would be accepted, when the recent convert we were there to visit came running up the hill too. He said "hola hermanos! iban a entrar?" (hey brothers, were you going to come in?) We gladly accepted and had a good lesson with him and his mother.

This week we had a few cool happenings. While I was on divisions in my district leader´s area we found someone from our area. We set an appointment to visit them with my comp. We had a good lesson with them. It was a big family and they were all the way down at the bottom of the Ch. They are super spiritual. After the closing prayer and as we were leaving, the daughter said she saw a vision while we were praying. She said she saw Jesus/an angel standing behind us with his hands on our bowed heads. I thought that was super cool! We have angels ministering to us and supporting us in the work. 

I have changes this week. And so does my companion. We are both being moved to an area that has been closed for the last bit. It's called Económica. I'm actually staying in the same zone. I'm moving across the ravine. We are ready to take on the challenge but please keep up the prayers for the members, us, and our investigators-to-be.

I love you all

Monday, May 23, 2016

In Sickness and in Health - Week 30

Hola Todos,

This week had a rough start... We went to eat as a zone in Ciudad Quetzal (Quetzal City) at a place called "Willy's". I was super hungry and bought two burgers and fries and it still didn't fill me. We then went to play soccer in the church building. (all the churches here have a mini soccer/basketball court) I guess we were playing so hard that the skin of the ball ripped open and the next time they kicked the ball it exploded! Ok... that was a little dramatic, but it did pop. It was time to go anyway but we were still disappointed since now that means we have to buy another ball if we want to play. Anywho... We all came back to our areas and went out to proselyte. That night, i woke up at 1 in the morning to go to the bathroom. I came back to bed but my stomach began to hurt. I quickly found myself over the toilet hurling all my food. After I finished I drank some water to get the taste out of my mouth and laid back down. Within a few minutes I got that feeling again. This time, I didn't even have time to put on my sandals. This time I knew there was nothing left inside me. I layed down again and within a few minutes my companion got up. To make a long story short, we were both sick. In the morning our stomachs were still hurting. We still had to go out and proselyte but Hna. Caffaro said we should stay near our house. We said a prayer before leaving and went out the door even though we were still sick. We were able to stay out of the house all day. We are positive that it was with the Lord's help. 

Sorry I have a lot of stories but I don't have anymore time this week. Ill try and send them next week.

Elder Mattiaccio
Milagro Central, Zona Milagro, Guatemala Sur

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Thought I'd share the little blurb he sent to me in Spanish. I'ts so great to see his spanish improving so much!


Este semana no tengo mucho tiempo. Tuvimos un P-Day de Zona porque la mes pasada cumplimos con la visión de la misión, y ya cumplimos la vision de nuevo. Entonces perdón por la carta corta. 

Also check out this video of what he calls a "flash flood":
(to watch it you must visit the blog directly)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mission Attack - Week 29

This week the investigators picked up a bit. It was really cool. Our zone came and did an attack on our area. What that entails is that all the elders in our zone came to our area and contacted and had lessons in the morning before lunch. There were a total of 10 missionaries working in our area at the same time! It was awesome. They did that because we've been a bit low in our pool of potential investigators. After that day (Wednesday) we had such enthusiasm. Saturday we had the best day of this change. And what was the difference? Going out with the Ward Mission Leader. He was able to take us to old investigators and restart the dialogue. Also he took us by some of the less active members. Here in Guatemala, retention is really hard. The people here are used to changing churches and moving like every other month. We have to focus a lot that this isn't just another church. This is THE church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our converts here are doing great. We have 75% retention. But there are a lot of "less actives" (we don't believe in the word "inactive"). So on top of bringing and teaching investigators we teach a lot of less active members to and invite them to come back to church.

This week we gave talks in church. We arranged with the bishop that we wouldn't be talking about missionary work anymore. We understand that gets boring for the members to always hear chicote (be chastised) from the missionaries. So we talked about the 3 missions of the church. Perfecting the Saints, Genealogy/Temple Work, and Missionary Work. We talked about the first two and the second counselor talked about missionary work, he being an awesome returned missionary. I focused on Ephesians 4:12-16, Doct. & Cov. 43:8-9, Doct. & Cov. 88:77-78;80;81. It is our duty to teach each other, including those who aren't members, the gospel.

Love you all! 200!!

Elder Mattiaccio

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day - Week 28

Hello everyone,

I hope all the mothers had a happy mother's day. This weekend was a bit stressful. We were told we could call home on Sunday since that is mother's day for most of the world even though here it is technically May 10th. SO we all wrote home and programmed a time to call. Then on Saturday, our zone leaders sent out a text saying "everybody, remember that today is the last day to get cameras and headsets to call home" Me and Elder Espinal were freaked out. like, WHAT!?!?! We thought that they already had cameras and stuff for all of us. And especially me since the last time I called I was outside of the capital and we could call home and write from internet cafés. Here, inside of the capital, is a bit different. We always have to write together as a district/zone and we always do it in the family history center of the Stake Center. So during our lunch we went looking for webcams and headphones. The members here don't have any so we went to the market to see if we could find some. We looked through all the little mini stores and they didn't have anything close. 

We asked at one of the more official looking stores and they said in the center of health there is an internet cafe at the top that sells stuff like that. So we went and they only had one camera and no headphones! While they were looking to see if they had more, a guy from a community group called Acova asked us about the church and it's charity programs. He wanted to create a partnership with the church. We don't really know too much about that stuff about creating an official affiliation or who to talk to. We refered him to and found the site for ldscharities and they had an email so i hope somthing comes out of that. :) 

Anyway. they found another one so we each bought one but still no headphones. We went to church Sunday and people asked if we were going to call home and we said yes but we didn't have headphones. One sister said she had some at her house and we could drop by before going to call. We got there and tested them and they worked. But when we got to the church they wouldn´t work.Suuuuuper stressful. We all ended up waiting until the headphones that one elder brought were available so we could call home. Others jury rigged headphones and some microphones so they could talk. In the end we all got to call home. :)

Sorry no investigator stories. Nothing too big happened this week. Keep all the investigators in your prayers and pray that we find the chosen ones this week. There is real power in prayer. 

Until Next Time,

Elder Mattiaccio


Gabby here. We were so glad they were able to figure out the headset situation and talk to Frankie. He seemed in good spirits, but did mention that people in his new area aren't as receptive. He has lost a lot of weight and his clothes and shoes are too big now. He really likes his companion, Elder Espinal. He loves how funny he is and how he can speak English to him. 

President Caffaro, his mission president, sent us these pictures last week.

Monday, May 2, 2016

6 Month Mark - Week 27

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a bit different. I'm still getting used to how my new area works. It is the complete opposite of Mita. The people here are a bit less inclined to listen to us but at least we can find the ones who do want to for a second time. Surprisingly, we have a lot more up and down here than in Mita...Like I mentioned last week, there is an area where there are 260 steps up and down and they aren't very good steps. They are all different heights and lengths and it goes straight up pretty much. When we went there for the first time, my companion asked me if I remembered when we went to ruins of Tikal. I said yeah... Then he said "well we're going to a place just like it." I almost died the first time. Not really but yeah. All I know is I'm going to have legs of steel when i leave this area. haha

My companion and I get along really well. He's from Honduras and he´s really funny and knows a ton of English. I told him I want to start speaking more English with him because I'm starting to lose my English grammar a little bit.
Sorry I forgot my camera today and we didn't have time to go back because we have to write as a district here inside the capital so no pictures this week.

Sorry for the short letter. Love you all. Can't wait to talk to you guys next week.

Elder Mattiaccio

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Although no official pictures this week. Here are some of him and his families from Mita.