Monday, April 25, 2016

The Miracle - Week 26

Hello Everyone,

Well... As you all know, this week I have been in a new area. My new area is in the Capital. It´s called Milagro Central. It's in the Zona 6 of Mixco in a municipality called El Milagro. My companion is Elder Espinal. 

El Milagro is a lot different than Mita. There are actually addresses here. It's a little complicated though... It's organized into sections from A-Z (including the Spanish ch, ll, rr, ñ, as well as qq, rr, pp, but excluding Y). Our area is pretty much H-X. It's super small here in regards to area in comparison to Mita and all it's aldeas (villages). 

We have a place where there are 260 stairs and they are all uneven and go pretty much straight up.... It was a little sad to leave Mita but I´m ready to take on this new area and see what it has in store for me. 

First I want to tell you about my fiasco traveling to the Capital. First we got up late. (staying up late packing didn't help) Then when we were walking to the highway we saw the bus to Guatemala City pass by. :( and it was going to be another 30 minutes for another one to pass. So we decided to take a micro-bus (a van with benches added) to Jutiapa and try to catch the bus again. I ended up having to pay for myself, my luggage (because it takes a seat) and my companion since he didn´t have simple change to pay with. That's Q21. Then when we arrived in Jutiapa the bus we were trying to catch left as we were arriving. Grrr. The driver said there were other buses around the corner, so I said alright I'll take one of those.  These weren't like greyhound buses like the one we were chasing, they are the old school school buses and are a bit uncomfortable. But they're cheaper so I guess that's a plus, only Q25. but halfway through the trip the attendant came back and told me that I also had to pay Q10 for each bag (I have 3) so another Q30 on top of that, then another Q40 for the taxi to get to where the changes are. I waited there with the other elders for a little bit, then the financial secretary told me to grab my bags and get in a taxi that would take me to my new area. (luckily that was prepaid because I didn't bring enough to pay another taxi) I chatted with the driver until we got to the house. We couldn't find it. We had to ask around and someone pointed it out to us. We knocked on the door and no one answered. I had to call the secretaries with the taxi driver´s phone so they could call my comp to answer the door. It ended up that they were on the 3rd floor and couldn't hear. BTW, did I mention I traveled all the way ALONE. That was really weird.

Already we've been having experiences. I guess it´s called "El Milagro" (The Miracle) for a reason. We were going to a contact that I had, when we knocked  on the door a man came to the door. We asked for the lady we had contacted and he didn't recognize the name. We asked if we could share the message with him instead. He didn't really want to but instead asked us questions about the plan of salvation (he didn't know it but he was) He asked us if there was a hell. We explained a little bit through the door window (they have windows in the doors so they don't have to open the door to talk to people). Then asked if we could come in and share our message. He let us. By this time it was nighttime and we're not allowed to contact after 6. So it was cool to be able to pull a lesson out of this. We shared the message of the restoration and he seemed really interested. At the end, he told us that earlier he was pondering and said he felt like he needed to start going to church again but didn´t know which he wanted to join. (AHHH PERFECT) We challenged him to read the pamphlet and to pray, like Joseph Smith, to see if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the church he needed to join. He accepted and confirmed that he knew that's what he needed to do! When we left we were so astonished. We weren't even going there for him and the person wasn't even there, but God put him in our path. 

That's all the time I have. 

Until Next Time,

Elder Mattiaccio

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