Monday, April 11, 2016

I Am Never Alone - Week 24

This week we've had some pretty cool experiences. We were walking down the street from a lesson and someone yelled "hey you!" We had just passed by a couple of guys who looked like they'd been drinking so i wasn't too inclined to respond but I felt the a prompting to acknowledge him at least. I said "hey". One of them asked where our church was I explained how to get there. He then commented that he was meeting with missionaries in the capital but moved out here for work. He had been having troubles at home and couldn't afford to pay rent. He figured there would be more out here but he hadn't found us until then. We got his name and number and set up an appointment for Tuesday. We'll see how it goes.

Another experience we had was when we were on divisions with the Zone Leaders. I stayed in Mita and my companion went to Jutiapa. We were going to appointments and a few in a row fell through. While I was thinking of who we could visit, Elder Jackson asked if we had contacted this street, I looked around and said no. He said alright let's knock some doors. He went to one side of the street, I to the other. We knocked one door each and we found somebody who wanted to listen to us. He found a woman who had been searching for a church that was true but hasn't found it and felt like God had forgotten her. We taught her a small lesson on the restoration and set a time to come back. 

We then went to my contact who were the parents of our Primary President. They weren't members but they had a picture of the temple and Jesus Christ on the walls. The mom was an evangelist and was putting up a little bit of a fight, but the father was pretty much non-denominational and kind of gave a bit of chicote (he was correcting her and calling her out when she said she didn't want to pray). When commented to the daughter at church that we found her parents contacting. She said they were "special". She didn't have very much faith they would accept anything. But the dad was fairly receptive, it's just going to be hard to get him to church since he works. 

We went out to the Placetas to visit our convert and her family. They haven´t been coming to church :/. The father always comes but the girls and the wife don't. They sometimes come to Mita to sell or stay home and help make and deliver tortillas to the neighbors. We tried explaining the sabbath day is important and though they are poor and although giving up working on Sunday will be hard, the Lord will make up the rest and help them if they go to church. After we played a little bit of soccer with the neighborhood boys and used it to collect contacts and have a little bit of fun at the same time.

Lisseth has been a bit busy this week going to El Salvador and Guate, so we haven't been able to meet with her or have a lesson. Morris is always busy with work until night time and sometimes we don't have time late at night. We're working on visiting our converts more often and setting actual appointments with them. Also we just set up a program where a different family member is going to give us food every Sunday. That way we can meet the members and see where they live. We've been doing better and have been finding out where more members live and visiting them.  We use this to help them know how they can help us. We hand out a flyer called "Nunca Voy Solo" (I am Never Alone). I attached it, sorry but it's in Spanish. It's so that the members also help with missionary work and help preach to their family, neighbors and friends.

Overall it was a very good week, full of spiritual experiences and promptings. It's weeks like these that help me and my companion continue working to find people to share the gospel with. They are out there, we just have to look and listen to the promptings of the spirit. A reminder that WE ARE NEVER ALONE! Heavenly Father is constantly helping us and guiding us. 

Well, I better get going. Here´s a picture of me eating the first mature mango of my mission. Until now it has only been mango verde which is good when I'm in the mood for something sour but that isn't too often and it is offered to me alot. I like the taste it just gives me heartburn. I've also tried platanos, queso fresco, caldo. I don't think I've tried marañon or guayaba or jocotes. At least not that I know of since I don't know their spanish names.


Until Next Time,

Elder Mattiaccio
Asunción Mita, Zona Jutiapa, Guatemala Sur

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