Monday, April 18, 2016

First "Changes" - Week 25


Changes (transfers) are this week. They happen every 6 weeks. I, unfortunately have changes and will be leaving my beloved Mita :´( But hopefully this change will be for the better and I will be on to bigger and better things. We don't find out where we're going until tonight. We find out who leaves on Sunday so they can pack and then where to on Monday and leave on Tuesday. I stayed up late last night getting my suitcases ready (so sad and stressful). I never really realized how much stuff I have. I pretty much finished but I was up till like 2. That's when I decided sleep was more important. Also, it doesn't help, the fact that I'm super OCD when packing and I get distracted every other thing I put in. XP

I haven't had the chance to make the recipe you sent. Because I have changes I don't think I'll be able to. Plus some of the things on the list I've looked for and I don't think they are available outside of the capital. And chicken breast is actually pretty expensive here... It´s kinda hard since we have to find a time when we are both available and when there's enough money to buy the things. I enjoy seeing all the little things you guys are doing back at home. I haven´t heard of a Hna Cardenas. Is she new? I'll keep an ear out. I just found out that one of the members here is Ingrid's BEST FRIEND's an when she looked at my and your facebook she had her in common with us.

Today we threw a party for a sister missionary who is going home. Sometimes I feel jealous that they have less time but most of the time I feel bad for them. They ONLY get 18 months. (sorry karissa, that's you too). You get cut short 6 months of learning and spiritual growth. Hopefully the growth continues after the mission and for a lifetime. That's part of being a 4th missionary/member. Continuing to be a disciple of Christ even after the mission. Continuing the routines of exercise and scripture study and being a witness of Christ in all aspects of your life. I'm really trying to be that 4th missionary. I know it is the only way to truly be happy and satisfied with my mission.

Got to go. I'm going to go around and say goodbye to all the families and converts I can tonight I should have a bunch of pics to share next week. Love to everyone on the homefront.

Until Next Week,

Elder Mattiaccio


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