Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Week - Week 23

This week was an awesome week because this week we got to listen to a real prophet of the Lord speak to us! That's right! IT'S CONFERENCE WEEK! In our District Council we were challenged to mention modern prophets in each lesson, but me and my companion took it even further. We decided we wanted to talk about modern day prophets in our contacts as well. As we did this, there were a lot of people who would not listen to us. But those who did are showing a great potential to progress and really accept our message. 

In each lesson, we invited people to come to the General Conference sessions in Jutiapa. Unfortunately no one arrived. It is understandable though, it's a bit inconvenient to go to another town for church... The Saturday sessions were a bit discouraging. Few members showed up. We decided to go back to Mita since buses don't run after 7. When we got back we were going to ask the Branch President for the keys so we could set up a projector in the chapel for Priesthood session. We went to his house and talked to his wife to see if the keys were there. She said he had left and took the keys with him. We were frantic. We had nowhere to watch conference and it was looming on 7:30. 

There was no way to go back to Jutiapa and there were no keys to the chapel. We decided to go to an internet cafe and pay to watch it but right as we were leaving the president's house he came back. He told us that he had the impression to come back since they had left late and would be arriving late but ignored it. A few minutes later the car overheated. They had to wait for it to cool down and drive back to Mita to arrive just as we were leaving. We told him we wanted to watch conference in the chapel. So he threw water in the radiator got his laptop and he took us to the chapel to watch the priesthood session of conference. They watched on the projector and  I watched on the computer in the secretary's office in English. There is no replacing the words and voice of the prophets. Even in Jutiapa they had a special room for all the English speaking Elders to watch it in English. My favorite talk by far was that of Elder Holland. But my favorite moment of conference was seeing Pres. Uchtdorf come up after Elder Kearon's talk with tears on his face. To see him choke on his words because of how Elder Kearon's topic. I realized he was crying because he too was a refugee in a war he had no part in starting. And the things that are passing to the people fleeing Turkey and Syria are very close to his heart. 

(Pictures are of us in conference. The family of four is the family Ipromised to cook for, Familia Monzón.

We went out to eat as a district in between the saturday morning and afternoon sessions.)

Until Next Time,
Elder Mattiaccio


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