Monday, March 14, 2016

New Companion and His Faith - Week 20

This week has been interesting. I got my new companion last tuesday. I went with Elder Belmar and came back with Elder Alvarado. He´s Honduran. He´s a really great missionary. I've learned so much from him and we've only been together a week. I have a feeling this change is going to be great! 

This week has been a little bit of an adjustment since I have to lead and manage the area since he doesn't know anything about our investigators, where they live, anything really. So I've been adapting to that a little bit but this week I'm feeling confident. He´s taught me a lot about having faith in our investigators. Previously we've only had 2 or 3 investigators come to church. And that was with going by their houses, calling them to wake them up and everything. This week he tested my faith. We didn't go by a single investigator's house. We called a few but they said they couldn't come. We only went by our recent converts to invite them and bring them to church. When we arrived, (I'm ashamed to admit) I was astonished to see that 5 of our investigators had come of their own will. We invited them during our lessons and just left it at that. That was such a faith builder. My companion was asked to speak in sacrament meeting since it is his first week. He shared an awesome story about humility and it is better to be humble than rich or smart or powerful. That the Lord looks on the heart of his servants not only on their deeds or accomplishments.

Here are some of our final pictures with Elder Belmar. Sorry I don't have any of my new companion, my camera has been acting up. I should have some next week.

Until then...

Elder Mattiaccio

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