Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy Week - Week 22

Semana Santa (Holy Week) was really interesting. Here in Mita, Semana Santa is notoriously HOT! 30 ºC inside our house at ALL TIMES. I'm not sure exactly how hot it was outside but I'm sure it was pushing 40º. We left on sunday at 8 o'clock and we were sweating bullets before we got to church. Needless to say we've been drinking a boatload of water. Besides that, everyone in all of mita was gone on vacations. All the stores were closed. A few days there wasn't ANYONE on the streets. I felt out of place ahahaha. The lessons we had though were really good. The good thing about nobody being in the streets meant that they were all in their homes together as families. 

Here are some pictures of the alfombras (carpets) made from sawdust and flowers by the (catholic) people during Semana Santa. They are made to cover the streets as they were covered for kings in the past. On Easter week the processions (big floats) bearing Christ on the cross walk on these alfombras.

This week we had a Multi-Zone Conference with Pres. Caffaro and the Assistants. They talked about a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" It explains that there are 4 kinds of missionaries. 1st: Disobedient, goes home. 2nd: Disobedient: Serves entire mission. 3rd: Obedient, has success, unchanged by his mission. And 4th: Obedient to the fullest, Has success, is happy and satisfied with his service, the mission changes his life forever. You can read more about it here. It was a really good reminder and way to help me refocus on the type of missionary I want to be.

(yes I did receive Banka's package. Tell her thank you for the ties. I love them. And the CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMM) 

Until Next Time, 

Elder Mattiaccio

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