Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy Week - Week 22

Semana Santa (Holy Week) was really interesting. Here in Mita, Semana Santa is notoriously HOT! 30 ºC inside our house at ALL TIMES. I'm not sure exactly how hot it was outside but I'm sure it was pushing 40º. We left on sunday at 8 o'clock and we were sweating bullets before we got to church. Needless to say we've been drinking a boatload of water. Besides that, everyone in all of mita was gone on vacations. All the stores were closed. A few days there wasn't ANYONE on the streets. I felt out of place ahahaha. The lessons we had though were really good. The good thing about nobody being in the streets meant that they were all in their homes together as families. 

Here are some pictures of the alfombras (carpets) made from sawdust and flowers by the (catholic) people during Semana Santa. They are made to cover the streets as they were covered for kings in the past. On Easter week the processions (big floats) bearing Christ on the cross walk on these alfombras.

This week we had a Multi-Zone Conference with Pres. Caffaro and the Assistants. They talked about a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" It explains that there are 4 kinds of missionaries. 1st: Disobedient, goes home. 2nd: Disobedient: Serves entire mission. 3rd: Obedient, has success, unchanged by his mission. And 4th: Obedient to the fullest, Has success, is happy and satisfied with his service, the mission changes his life forever. You can read more about it here. It was a really good reminder and way to help me refocus on the type of missionary I want to be.

(yes I did receive Banka's package. Tell her thank you for the ties. I love them. And the CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMM) 

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Elder Mattiaccio

Monday, March 21, 2016

Looking for Direction(s) - Week 21

(Elder Mattiaccio was having technical difficulties while he was writing today)

This week was a little slow. We didn't have anything big or exciting happen. We've been trying to figure things out on how to find more investigators. We haven't been finding very many people who are willing to listen to us and who are ready to make the necessary changes in their lives. We are going to try dividing our area into 3 sectors instead of 2 so we can cover more ground and hopefully that will translate into finding more investigators. We have been focusing lately on finding where all the members live (since neither I nor Elder Belmar really ever found out). I know where a few live but since there are no directions, finding places from the directions people give is a bit hard.

That's all I have time to write.... SORRYYYYY

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Elder Mattiaccio


This is Gabby (Frankie's mom), I wanted to share a small note Frankie wrote me in Spanish. It's so cool to see his improvement in the language and even seeing the Guatemalan sayings in his writing.

Les quiero muchisimo. Me da pena de oír que uds son enfermos de nuevo. Nunca hemos tenido strep antes. Quizás es por eso que está tan fuerte y agresivo¿? Sí, todavía hay muchísimo de aprender. He aprendido mucho en solo estas dos semanas que ha pasado con Elder Alvarado. Y que chula CC con Remington. Me hace feliz de ver esas cosas y ellos sonriendo. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Companion and His Faith - Week 20

This week has been interesting. I got my new companion last tuesday. I went with Elder Belmar and came back with Elder Alvarado. He´s Honduran. He´s a really great missionary. I've learned so much from him and we've only been together a week. I have a feeling this change is going to be great! 

This week has been a little bit of an adjustment since I have to lead and manage the area since he doesn't know anything about our investigators, where they live, anything really. So I've been adapting to that a little bit but this week I'm feeling confident. He´s taught me a lot about having faith in our investigators. Previously we've only had 2 or 3 investigators come to church. And that was with going by their houses, calling them to wake them up and everything. This week he tested my faith. We didn't go by a single investigator's house. We called a few but they said they couldn't come. We only went by our recent converts to invite them and bring them to church. When we arrived, (I'm ashamed to admit) I was astonished to see that 5 of our investigators had come of their own will. We invited them during our lessons and just left it at that. That was such a faith builder. My companion was asked to speak in sacrament meeting since it is his first week. He shared an awesome story about humility and it is better to be humble than rich or smart or powerful. That the Lord looks on the heart of his servants not only on their deeds or accomplishments.

Here are some of our final pictures with Elder Belmar. Sorry I don't have any of my new companion, my camera has been acting up. I should have some next week.

Until then...

Elder Mattiaccio

Monday, March 7, 2016

True Conversion - Week 19

This week was a pretty fun, full week. This week we were in charge of the "noche de hermanamiento" (Neighborhood Family Home Evening) We decided to do it on the Book of Mormon since most people don't read too much. We had them divide into 5 groups and had them do a word search for people from the Book of Mormon. Then they got to choose a passage of scripture with a story from the Book of Mormon and they had 15 minutes to read it as a group and relate the story. It turned out really well. Everyone had a really good time. We took a picture with everyone and their favorite character from the Book of Mormon at the end. 

Then friday we had the baptism of Lisseth. We downloaded a video to watch with everyone since her family was coming to support her even though they aren't members. We decided to download "The Touch of The Master's Hand". (click here to see the video) It turned out really well. A good amount of people came and she looked angelic in the baptismal dress. It was very spiritual and emotional. She got baptized and came up out of the water smiling. I love that moment. Seeing the smile of someone who is absolutely pure and free of sins. She got changed and bore her testimony of her journey to baptism. It was so pure. The pure testimony of someone who is truly converted to the gospel. Nothing was borrowed from other people, all was  just the thoughts and feelings of her heart. We stayed talking with her family and they seemed interested in our church. So we took down their information and are planning to visit them sometime this week.

Then there's today... There are changes here in Mita. Elder Belmar is leaving me and I am staying here. We have to go to Guatemala tomorrow so I can receive my new Elder and he can go to his new area. We still don't know where Elder Belmar going, just know that he´s gotta pack his bags. It's been a little emotional. I was hoping we´d have one more change together, but I know that God has someone else for me and we are going to "hechar fuego" in this next change. 

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A little note from Elder Belmar (his trainer):

(ahora escribe elder belmar en español wiii)
Pues tia Gabby todo fue muy calidad con su hijo, creo que lo aprendi a querer mucho, es muy bueno y a ustedes los quieren mucho, pues yo me voy del area y junto con Elder Mattiaccio bautizamos a 4 personas Morris y Diego, Elsa y Lisseth, todo fue muy loco en estas 13 semanas solo diganle que siempre siga adelante, yo les quiero mucho a ustedes a pesar de que nunca hemos conversado ajajjaja pero bueeee nos vemos en la boda de mi hijo jijiji adiosssssssssssssss Elder Belm