Monday, February 29, 2016

The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning - Week 18

This week we had a super spiritual experience with one of our newer investigators Lisseth. She is a friend of the Branch President's wife (I feel like everyone in Mita is) and they invited her to the open house we had about a month ago in the chapel. She came and we showed her the church and all the different rooms and what they're for. We got her phone number and then she left.

The next week, we saw her in church. We hadn't even invited her. She arrived with the President's family so we asked if we could have a lesson with them at their house (since we didn't(still don't) know where she lived). They accepted. So we set an appointment for wednesday.

When we arrived to eat lunch after church, the president and his wife sort of sat us down to talk to us about Lisseth. They told us to take it slow. To not pressure her into baptism. We thought that was strange. It is normal to challenge investigators to baptism in the 1st visit. But we didn't. We took each lesson slowly and explained everything. Come to find out, they had been watching church movies and documentaries and had given her a triple before we came back for the second visit! We were so confused. We thought they wanted to take it slow and they go off doing that before we had a chance to see if she had even read the pamphlet of "The Restoration". She had read it but that was pretty risky. We taught The Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and still didn't feel comfortable placing a baptismal date with her. 

Then when we taught L3 - the Gospel of Jesus Christ which talks about baptism - we felt we needed to challenge her, regardless of how President and his wife felt. So, after we had talked about baptism, I began to ask her "If God answers your prayers and you come to know that this message is true..." I couldn't even finish the invitation before the Spirit filled the room. It was SO powerful that she began to cry. (And I did too) I got so choked up i started over, and in my quivering crying voice asked "Will you prepare to be baptized the on the 12th of March?" She nodded her head and through her tears muttered "Yes, I will." WHOO! That is THE MOST strongly I have ever felt the Spirit in my life. We were so excited and also gave her her own Book of Mormon so she can study just that and mark scriptures of her own. (She is actually now going to be baptized this friday the 4th since she wants to be baptized before either of us leave for transfers)

We also put out a fire this week. ;P We had a week of urgency which means we have to reach certain goals. We hadn't visited our family that lives in the placetas (the family that lives 3 km outside of town.) We felt like we really needed to go even though it would take a long time walking there and back (which is time not proselyting). We got there, started our lesson, then there was a ton of smoke filling the house. We go outside to find the source of the smoke and there was a brush fire behind their little house. So we grabbed a bucket and bowls and anything that could hold water to put out the fire. (We took the picture after when there was only a little part left :D) We looked at eachother like "what would have happened had we not come?"

Today we went and climbed a volcano! We all went as a zone to the volcano of Ipala. It's really cool. It's an old volcano that has a lake in the crater. It took about an hour and a half to climb up from the highway to the top 5,410 ft high. It's sooo pretty. We took a boat load of powerade and water and food to eat lunch by the lake. It was so fun to go and see it. When we sat down to eat we got cold even though we were dying of heat on the way up. Since it is so high and its the top of the mountain there was a strong breeze and I got cold since my shirt was soaked in sweat. 

Until next week

#TheSpiritOfGod #LikeAFIREIsBurning 
-- Elder Mattiaccio AsunciĆ³n Mita, Zona Jutiapa, Guatemala Sur

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