Monday, February 8, 2016

Soccer and Surprises - Week 15

I got my Valentine's package. Thank you so much everyone. I love the hugs. I'm not sure when I'll be able to make the pie but I'll let you know.

The heat has passed. for the most part. It's really windy now and all the people besides us are wearing jackets and sweaters. It's always funny because they always ask "aren't you cold?" and we reply "Cold!? this feels GREAT!" 

We've started a weekly soccer game with the young men in our branch. We're using it as an activity to get them more united as a youth and as well to fellowship our young investigators and less actives. It's been working really well. Lots come out and they all invite friends. 

Just yesterday we were finishing up our visits and decided to drop by Morris´ house. We taught them the books in the Book of Mormon song (I didn't think that it would work in spanish) and he and his brother, Diego, learned it really fast. Then they said they had a surprise for us. They brought out a plate with some sort of meat on it and said "here, try it." We did, and it tasted alright. it was a little tough but tasted like chicken. then they showed us what it was from. It was IGUANA!!!

Love you all. Until next week.

Elder Mattiaccio

This is Gabby (Frankie's mom), I just wanted to share a little message I received from Elder Belmar, Elder Mattiaccio's companion. We sent him a few things and he was nice to email me to thank me. Here's his email:

Muchas gracias tía gaby por mandarme esas galletitas estaban muy ricas y la bandera esta muy chilera :) tiene un muy buen hijo y aca tiene un buen papa ajjajajjaja 

En la laguna de Atescatempa, cerca del Salvador jijijiji Pday de zona jijijii  
Hala Madrid!! ajjajajja Papa e hijo.................

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