Monday, January 4, 2016

Testimony of Missionary Work - Week 10


This week we were able to confirm Elsa and Maria Antonia in church. We weren't able to the Sunday before because they arrived late and we weren't sure if they could be confirmed after Sacrament was over. Luckily, this week they arrived before sacrament had started. We had worked with their father and asked him to bring them on his bicycle this week since they live so far away and hitch-hiking isn't super reliable on Sundays to get to church. But, he was able to get them to church to be confirmed. 

My testimony of missionary work was strengthened a lot this week. We decided that we aren't going to go to Trapiche Vargas anymore because it takes a long time to walk there (since there aren't any buses that go out there) and we didn't have any investigators who were really progressing. We decided to go out one last time to see if they had progressed or not and in one of their houses was a less active member who was visiting from another town in our area. We talked with her and her husband and learned that she had asked God the night before to send her a sign of whether she should try to go to church anymore and then that day was when we arrived. I know now for sure that there are people waiting for us out here; people praying for answers, for someone to knock on their door and bring them the gospel. We now plan on going to her town and talking with her and contacting her neighbors and the rest of the town.

This week we had an appointment with one of our recent converts to make pancakes. it was so much fun. We made them as big as we could. They took up the entire plate! and they were so yummy. I forgot to take pictures of after but here is one of the pancakes. 

I received my Christmas package. The powdered sugar had opened a little bit and it was kind of everywhere. I was able to make the peanut butter pies I wasn't able to find whipped cream but I found whipping cream. Not sure if that was the same. It came out frothy kind of like whipped cream but they came out alright. Darn, I should've taken pictures of them before we ate them.. oh well. I shared them for New Years. Thank you for the mountain of photos! It was so fun to go through them and tell my comp about you guys.

Until next week!

Elder Mattiaccio

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