Monday, January 18, 2016

Miracles and Meals - Week 12

This week we really saw miracles. We haven't been having too much success with getting our investigators to come to church. We have one investigator who is good to go for his baptism just needs his interview. He had an awesome experience a few days ago. He prayed and asked God if this church was true; if he needed to be baptized, and that night he had a dream that he was talking to an angel and said the same question and told the angel if the church was true to hand him 9 letters and if not hand him any other amount. And the angel/person gave him 9. He was so excited when he told us. Also, saturday we decided to go explore a part of our area that we didn't really know. Its called "the Champas". We never went there because the missionaries before had knocked the entire area (supposedly) and had 0 success. We were walking and found out that this area is a lot bigger than we thought. We were kind of just walking and saw a guy who didn't look too interested. But my companion had a feeling to talk to him. His name is Vladimir Linares and he and his wife were super excited and motivated. He told us he wouldn't be able to go to church since he had to work. So we went back the next day (sunday) and they were both there, ready to go. They came with us and stayed for the 1st two hours! We have an appointment with them for tuesday and are going to take a member who lives near by.

To answer some of your questions:

We don't really cook much. We don't have a stove really. We have a hot plate. Most of the time we just eat cereal for breakfast. We eat our lunches from a comedor. We normally go to a member's house to eat lunch everyday that we can. It's a little difficult since she has to leave since she doesn't have a husband and we can't be alone with her but we normally work it out just fine. We talk to her kids (whom we baptized Morris and Diego) and make sure they are doing good. 

The branch is pretty smallish. There are like 140 members but our attendance has never been above 100. And everyone arrives late - to everything. It's kind of difficult when we try to have activities with members because they all arrive late then we can't stay as long or even at all sometimes. I'm not talking "mormon standard time" activities start around 1-1.5 hours after they are scheduled. Church starts on time now but the members still arrive late. We start church with our investigators and about 20 other people. Also, the priests don't bless the sacrament... it's assigned to different members each month. Same with preparing the sacrament. Were trying to talk to the priests and teachers but that's just the way it has been. 

Until next time,

Elder Mattiaccio

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