Monday, January 11, 2016

Minute to Win It - Week 11

¡Buenas todos!

This week we had a lot going on. Last monday, after writing, we got together as a zone and played some minute to win it type games. One where we made a tower out of flour with a piece of chocolate on top. We had to cut strips off of the sides until someone knocks over the tower. then they have to dig through the flour with their mouth and look for the chocolate. Then another one where we had to put socks on our hands and use two butter knives to open a hershey bar. then we had to eat each piece of chocolate individually. but we had to take turns. so everyone was flipping a coin and if it lands on heads, you take the socks and knives and try to get a piece before someone else gets a heads. it was tons of fun and then we made a pyramid. (elders only, sorry hermanas). My Zone leaders are E Gee and E Borda. My District Leader is E Samayoa. The Zone Leaders are in my district, District Catocha, so its just us, the leaders and E Wood, E Samayoa's companion. The other district has E Rodriguez and E samoni, Hna Woodward and Hna Campbell and E Rivas and E Baum. Not all were able to make it though.

We also went to Guatemala City for a conference for nuevos and trainers. It was cool to be able to talk with our leaders and the other nuevos again.

This past week a few of our elder's serving in the capital had their debit cards hacked and their money was stolen. We have to be super careful and we can't use the 5B ATMs anymore. Only Bi. 

I forgot to tell you that for New Years we had to be in our apartment by 9 like normal with good reason. It was crazy. The cohetes (fireworks) are really just bombs and all the little kids are playing with them. 

I still haven't eaten anything weird. Not too weird anyway. They have a coffee made from grains so its not real coffee. They call it Mor-caf (mormon cafe).

Hasta el lunes! And tell Scarlet happy birthday!

Elder Mattiaccio
Asunción Mita, Zona Jutiapa, Guatemala Sur

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