Monday, January 25, 2016

Making Progress - Week 13

Hello Everyone!

This week went very well for us here in Mita. We worked super hard this week. We've organized our area into 2 sectors that way we can focus more on one sector and not have to travel across the town between appointments. This week we've been "echando fuego" in the champas. We´ve been going barrio by barrio looking for new investigators. We have been finding at least one really good investigator everyday. 

This week we saw some progress with our branch wanting to help us out. On saturday we were able to go on divisions with a few members of the elders quorum so that we could cover more ground and get to more of our appointments. I went with the Elders Quorum President, hno Walter Gamez who is also a returned missionary. We went to the champas while my companion stayed more towards the city center. Even though I was nervous being really in charge, no one to bail me out, all of our lessons went really well. A few of our appointments fell through so we tracked a little bit and found a young family. It was a really good experience to take the lead in the discussions. We also had a consejo de rama (branch counsel) with all the presidencies except our mission leader. He had to go to Guatemala for the weekend so he wasn't able to attend. But we were able to see where we could help out in the branch and they were able to make a few assignments to help us with our investigators. All in all, things are improving. Our branch is starting to progress and we're seeing some good progress in our investigators.

This week we helped a member move. Here people move a lot. We raced him from his old house to his new house since we couldn't go with him in the back of his pick up. And we won every time. For the most part we were just walking, not even running. BUt then he tried to beat us so we had to run. But it was all cool. 

Today we woke up early to go climb a hill (they call it a mountain but its nothing like those in Utah so "hill") in our area. We were going to climb a volcano as a district but the rest chickened out. :/  But this way is better. It was difficult cuz we were literally just climbing it. There wasn't really a trail at all. But we got to the top and could see our entire area. It was really cool. And on the way down we followed a mountain bike track. 

My spanish is really improving. I had another talk in church this Sunday, and I felt like it was a train-wreck but everyone said they liked it. Our Branch President called us the night before to tell us we had the talks. I spoke on the talk that Pres. Monson gave in the October general conference "Be an Example and a Light". But besides that I feel fairly confident in my spanish. Talking on the phone is the only hard part as of right now and that's because the phones here aren´t too good and especially the phone of the missionaries. Yeah it's a Nokia and it's never going to break but the speaker isn't the best. But hey, at least we have a cellphone.

My time is up, until next time!

Elder Mattiaccio

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