Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving at The Mormon Jail - Week 5

Hola and Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

This week we got to watch the Thanksgiving Day devotional from the Provo MTC live! Elder Nelson was the speaker for that. It was such a great devotional and a little unorthodox (I think, but what do I know) I say that because he had his family perform some special musical numbers. But I thought it was cool. Got to hear a little more music. We also watched the Thanksgiving Mormon Message. As usual, it made me cry and feel the spirit so much. We also watched a portrayal of Christ's coming to the Americas without any words spoken. It was cool that the message still got across and broke the barriers of language to deliver such a spirit of thanksgiving. We didn't get to eat our thanksgiving meal on thanksgiving day though, because President and Hermana Cox were out of town for a mission/mtc president conference in Costa Rica (lucky). But he got back the next day and we had our lunch on friday. When he got back late thanksgiving night, he came by all the rooms and we were all glad to see him. We stopped him when he got to our room and he talked to us for 10 minutes about his trip and all the missionary experiences he had. He´s such a fountain of the spirit. We all missed him for our sunday devotionals. He always gets us ¨fired up¨ about missionary work. I almost wish he was my mission president. 

This week, all the elders staying in Guatemala had to go down to the immigration center to apply for our 2 year visas. It was awesome. We kinda feel cooped up in here sometimes. With the high walls and fences, cameras, and armed guards outside the gates, it sometimes feels like a prison. That's actually what some of the people call it. the ¨Mormon Jail¨. but we got to take a 15 minute ride to the city and got to see everything. It took a really long time(3 hours), all just to sign a paper and take a picture, but we were all glad to be out. 

Until next week.

Elder Mattiaccio


  1. Wow! A Prison huh! that's not what I picture the MTC to be like...foreign experience for sure. I was wondering about his visa so I guess it's all good. I left the MTC right before Thanksgiving but I remember them telling us that Elder Nelson and Scott and their families were coming to spend time with us so it must be their family tradition every year. So cool to be able to watch an apostle in action with his family. Only one week left ... so exciting!

  2. Frankie, Never stop being awesome man! Enjoy every moment. the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days!
    - Mckay (Vivint)