Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Teaching Begins - Week 2

Hello from Guatemala!!!

Unfortunately I don't have my journal today since they are cleaning our rooms and we aren't allowed to be in there while they are cleaning. So I will do my best to remember the past week. I did grab my camera before I left and I'm sending my pictures that I had from last week. We don't have time take pictures before writing so they´ll all be a week behind. UGH and I can't figure out how to bring it up since the computers here have restricted functions and there aren´t any teachers here to help me. So sorry. I'll try again next week. 

So this week has been pretty good. My companion and I have been growing together pretty well. We have had a couple disputes but we had our first weekly planning session where we brought a lot of things up with each other and made goals to alleviate some of the tension. You know, he´s a really good guy. He is pretty in tune with the spirit when we teach so our lessons go pretty well. 

This week we taught ¨Ángel López¨ (Hno. Baján) every day in the afternoon. This week we taught him the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom. He smokes though so we had to ask him to stop. We check up on his smoking every visit and he only smokes now when he gets really nervous. We´re still helping him with that. He was sick on saturday so we taught his sister ¨Lucia¨ who takes care of his daughter, Camilla. She was very receptive to our lessons but kicked us out promptly at our 15 minute limit. When he came back he was just getting better. But in the middle of our lesson, the neighbor brought him some coffee to make him feel better. He started drinking it and we were like ¨WAIT!¨ but it was too late. So instead of focusing on our lesson of the restoration, we decided to go over the word of wisdom again and re explain its´ importance and how we have to be obedient to all of God´s laws and commandments. Then, at the end we taught him about eternal families and how he can be reunited with his wife, who died during child birth. He seemed very excited to hear that and was a little bit more willing to keep his commitments. 

Now, we are starting to teach a second investigator as well. We had prepared an awesome lesson to teach on saturday but we ran out of time before we were able to get our turn since the companionships before us took too long. We were super bummed cuz we were so prepared and had the spirit with us and felt like we were ready to rock it but we didn´t get the chance to. But we were able to teach him yesterday and it went pretty well still. He wanted to hear about our church cuz he heard that we baptize in some radical way with sombreros and blue clothes jajaja. So we explained him that we don't do any of that but we baptize by immersion. We taught him a little about the Book of Mormon.

We also are supposed to teach a REAL LESS ACTIVE every saturday. This week, they left before my district had the chance to teach so we had to teach to the latino elderes as if they were less actives. It went pretty well. He wasn´t going to church because he just got a promotion and had to work on sundays. He had also stopped praying so we asked him to pray tonight on how he can work his schedule so he doesn't have to work on sundays or at least go to church. We reminded of the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy and that he needs to lead his family in that. Then they taught us after and I had been fighting with my family and didn't feel like I was worthy to take the sacrament. They taught me so well and I felt the spirit while they were teaching me (even though I was just acting). 

A group of missionaries left this morning. We all got together on our floor and closed all the doors and sung ¨Llamados a Servir¨(Called to Serve) at the top of our lungs. Then, took a quick water break and sung God be with you til we meet again (I don´t remember what that one is in spanish). Then we had one of them say a prayer. One from the Nortes said it in english and then one of the Latinos said another prayer in spanish. I can´t wait to have that when I leave. So for the next 2 weeks there are only 3 districts of nortes and we don't get any more for 2 weeks and until then there will only be 2 sisters and they already know spanish. They´ll be leaving with us though. 

Ok guys. That's all for this week. I love it here. I love my district. We all work so well together. I should have a picture of all of us by next week and I'll let you know where they´re all going and who they are. Until next week!!

Elder Mattiaccio

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