Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Circle of Love - Week 4

"¡Hola!" de Guatemala!

Oh! I love it here. It rains everyday so it's nice and cool all the time. I'm actually wearing my long sleeve shirts more often than my short sleeves. Well... maybe half and half. It does get a little hot here, mostly just humid. It's normally around 24 C during the day and 22 C at night. I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit (?). Anyway. It's always nice out and I love playing basketball in the rain. We get 1 hour of deportes (sports) every day except Sunday. It's nice cuz we have a gym with some machines and a couple weight sets, a volleyball net and a basketball court. I like to ride on the stationary bike for a little bit then go out and join in on a game of thunder/ultimate speed whatever you wanna call it. As of right now, it's only 3 districts out at the same time. There's not really a whole lot of missionaries here right now. I half like it half don't. There´s not enough people to play a good game of volleyball anymore AND we had to repair the volleyball net cuz someone pulled down on it too hard and snapped the line holding up the net. Then, they're redoing some of the walls and it's taking a long time for them to finish it, so the workers leave all their stuff and someone overshot the hoop in thunder and punctured one of the basketballs. :/ So now were down to 2 OK basketballs and 1 volleyball that is getting more and more flat. I guess I'll just be spending more time in the gym. Which I really need to anyway. 

This week, after all the devotionals, my district leader started something called ¨the circle of love¨. We all go around and say what we like about a specific elder/hermana. I didn't get to go last week cuz we only had so much time after the devotional but I got my turn this week. It was so nice to hear what the other missionaries in my district really thought about me. I had my preconceptions. Glad to know they were wrong. Since I know Spanish more than most of them I correct them a lot and I thought they'd be annoyed by that but each one of them thanked me for helping them. I try to be as helpful as I can and only help when asked. I really felt the love of my entire district. That really helped me get my spirits up. It's hard being in classes all day but you kinda have to get used to it. I just can´t wait until I get to go out into the field and teach real people.

We finished with one of our investigators this week. Angel is ¨moving¨ out of our area. But it was cool to see how lessons progress and be able to apply all the grammar and Spanish we've been learning to teach someone. Me and my companion have a really good groove going when we're teaching. We switch off often and we always feel good coming out of our lessons. Everyone in our district is improving so much. We really are growing together. Today we took pictures with the other norte district so that'll be coming when I get into the field.

Sorry it's so short this week. Be prepared for a flood of pictures when I get out!

Till next week,

Elder Mattiaccio

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