Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nortes, Hermanas and Latinos - Week 1

Hey everybody! 

We got back late from the temple and only have 50 minutes to write home (instead of 60). I apologize in advance for my poor grammar and spelling. Its actually kind of hard writing this in english since we are only aloud to speak spanish, but i will do my best. The only time we spoke english was on sunday because they separate the Nortes/gringos/americans from the latinos :P. So much has happened these last 6 days.  :)  We were assigned into districts (distritos) when we got here. They handed us a packet with our distrito, bed assignment and our rama (branch) I was assigned to distrito Santiago (james), cama 1, Rama A. My companion´s name is Elder Nielsen. He is from Noblesville, Indiana. We have been getting along pretty well. I sleep on the bottom bunk and he sleeps right above me. They also set apart the district leader, Elder Olsen. He´s a pretty cool guy. We picked him up at the airport in Los Angeles. He´s from orange county and his stake had him work in the Newport Beach Temple before he came out. He has such a countenance about him. He is learning spanish really quickly and asks tons of questions during class. We have class pretty much all day, every day, except for sunday and P-day. (today). 

Every morning we have about a half hour of personal study and then breakfast at 7:30. then, we return to the class room for more personal study until our teacher arrives. In the morning, our teacher is Hno. Abadillo. He´s pretty chill and he knows english well since he served his mission in Texas. We've mostly been learning spanish but it is focused on gospel vocabulary. We have lunch at 12 then back to class. Around 2:30 Hno Abadillo leaves and gets replaced by Hno Baján. He teaches us mostly about how to effectively teach the gospel in spanish and how to be a missionary. Our very first day of class we taught a lesson to an ¨investigator¨. After dinner at 5 our teacher helps us prepare our lesson for about 15 minutes then he leaves to go on ¨un cita¨(date). Then at 6 the first group of elders/hermanas goes up and teaches their lesson. and every 10 minutes another group goes up. We are supposed to teach the entire lesson in 10 MINUTES!!!! my companion and i are both just like... ¨uh.... how in the world are we supposed to teach an entire lesson in 10 minutes?¨ well... we chose to teach the gospel of christ first and invite him to be baptized. we had to actually knock on the door  We began with a prayer and began our lesson. we had no idea how much time was passing and didn't want to check our watches. Throughout the entire lesson, Ángel (our investigator) was bobbing his head and half falling asleep. We got him to commit to baptism and repentance to be baptized the 15th of November. We took around 25 minutes. 15  minutes over what we were supposed to. but we got through it. then we taught him again the next day. that time we only took 17 minutes. the next time 12 minutes, so we´re on the right track. 

Friday night there was a fire alarm at 2:30 in the morning. I was the first one up and everyone else, it seemed, was still in bed. i checked outside and all the other rooms were opening their doors and getting out into the hallway. so i turned on the lights and started poking people to wake up. My companion WOULD NOT get up. I told him GET UP! i can´t leave without you and i am leaving. So he slothfully got up and down out of his bunk and we all filled down the stairs to the main level. There we were all bunched up. Then, the President of the CCM (MTC in spanish), President Cox, came out and asked why we were standing in the hallway. Our zone leader explained there was a fire alarm and he didn't want to go out the door cuz he was worried it was alarmed too. To which pres. cox exclaimed ¨who cares if its armed, if there is a fire alarm you need to get your butts outside. Don´t do it now though, Were having computer issues and the alarms went off and all the phone lines are down. Go back to bed and if it goes off again, wait for me to let you know when to leave.¨ so we all go back up to our rooms. Come to find out, Our floor was the only ones to get out of bed. The hermanas and latinos all stayed in their beds and us stupid nortes all got up and went down stairs. UGH. THEN, it took me an hour to get back to sleep. I was so tired the next day.

Sunday was fast sunday. So dinner saturday night was the last food and right before deportes was the last water. We had a sacrament meeting where pretty much everybody had to bear their testimony in spanish. Then we separated for priesthood, which was in english. Then we had district class where we had to practice teaching lessons in 10 minutes again. The hermana who was conducting us interrupted every 5 seconds to correct something or add something. she told us we have to start pretty much everything with a question so the investigator ¨hungers¨ (yes, she used that word purposefully on fast sunday) for the word. Then we had a few devotionals and watched a devotional by elder scott.

Well... that's all i have time for today. Talk to you all next tuesday!

Elder Mattiaccio


  1. Cool. Sounds like they are really experiencing a lot already. This is so great!
    Grandpa Bob

  2. I'm so glad i can hear from him, sorry about my late answer but where i am now I have internet issues. Still please keep me posted. Love you all. - Abuelo Otto